Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Thriller Night!

This week, it's the Halloween edition! And I've got food poisoning from spaghettini, so I only had time to draw one gijinka, how marvelous! Now, when you think of Halloween, you usually think of spooky ghosts, and what could be spookier than a levitating decapitated woman head? So here we go:
Pokemon: Misdreavus
Ability: Necrofantasia
Necrofantasia is an ability that allows the user to summon and control zombies. How? By screaming of course. The zombies will remain under the control of the user for as long as he/she shrieks. While that may not seem like much time, the zombies are actually surprisingly fast. With proper prior planning, a few seconds would be enough to subdue a powerful opponent (or accomplish some form of menial task). Most people imagine zombies to be painfully slow and easy to escape from, but what's stopping them from increasing their speed? I doubt a lack of muscle mass or rigor mortis would affect them adversely considering the zombies are perfectly capable of movement even if they logically should not. If they can move without need for muscles, then of course, they will be able to move faster if they have less muscles to carry around. Misdreavus is able to hold her scream for about 1 minute.

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