Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do I Have Anything Witty to Say About Wings?

I guess not. Well, continuing my quest to transfer all of my earlier gijinkas from my first sketchbook into the computer, here's one with a rather simple power:
Pokemon: Pidgeot
Ability: Halo
Halo is an ability that allows the user to grow feathered wings on his back for flight. It only creates feathered wings that are large and strong enough to propel the user through the air, and can only create a maximum of two wings (That means that if required, the user can produce only one wing instead of two). The wings' muscles are created together with the wings, as well as a stronger diaphragm and lungs so that the user is able to breathe properly while flying. Pidgeot uses Halo to fly...Yeah...That's what he does...Cause you can't actually use Halo for anything else...Or can you?

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Sketchbooks Aren't Lasting Very Well...

They really aren't...The oldest of my specialized gijinka sketchbooks is 3 years old, and its already showing signs of severe degeneration. I'm gonna have to transfer my ideas from the book to the computer as fast as I can, so for now, I'll be posting gijinkas from my first sketchbook. Bear with me here; their powers are not as fun or interesting as my later gijinkas, but some of them are pretty flexible:
Pokemon: Skarmory
Ability: White Stripes
White Stripes is an ability that allows the user to effectively produce vacuum waves. A vacuum wave is produced when something (For example, a blade) moves through the air while White Stripes is active. the air molecules displaced by the movement will compress and move away in the shape of a wave, pulling a vacuum behind them. This vacuum is able to cut through anything by forcing molecules apart (Cause, y'know, that's kinda what a vacuum is...). The range of the vacuum wave is dependent on the force applied on the air molecules. Basically, the harder you swing, the farther the waves travel. The ability is, however, limited to blades and other sharp edges. White Stripes won't create vacuum waves from flailing arms. Skarmory's crimson blades (Connected around his wrist by chains, three blades for each hand) are his means of vacuum production. He is very serious, but sometimes impulsive. Do not agitate him.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Right, I won't be home on Valentine's Day (Or at least, I won't be home long enough to write another blog entry), so I'm gonna post the Valentine's Day Special Post today. Quick! Think of a Pokemon associated with love:
Pokemon: Luvdisc
Ability: Romance Dawn
Romance Dawn is an ability that allows the user to force infatuation on any person. The mechanics of the ability are as such: When the user touches an object, he/she can cause the object to produce very specific pheromones that will specifically attract any specific individual. Thus, the targeted person will fall in love with whatever is producing the pheromones. Romance Dawn doesn't just work one people, it can also work on animals, plants, and inanimate objects (And by that, I mean they would be the ones producing the pheromones) which can cause some very amusing but sometimes disturbing situations. Luvdisc...just wants to spread the love. She wants to spread a whole lotta love. She will use her ability whenever she feels like it. She is very very naive.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Shall I Serve Today?

Nets, nets, everywhere:
Pokemon: Reuniclus
Ability: Something In The Way
Something In The Way is an ability that allows the user to produce nets from any part of his/her body. The nets that can be produced range from butterfly nets to fishing nets to tennis nets and so on. The size of the net is also free for the user to choose. Reuniclus uses Something In The Way a lot, using the nets he produces as a slingshot to launch himself around and then breaking his fall with another net. When attacked, he can also produce nets to deflect any projectiles or shoot capture nets (He usually shoots them from his wrists) to immobilize an opponent. He is generally, a carefree and fun-loving guy who plays pranks occasionally but usually means no harm.