Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Tragedy!

It is most unfortunate but this might be the last blog post you'll see from me in a while. With schoolwork increasing by the motherloads and people requesting my help for tutoring and stuff, I'm running out of time for stuff like this. Sorry folks, it might be a while before I post again. But let's end this weekend first. Today's Pokemon can be considered a "living fossil" (Yes, I'm kinda stretching the meaning of "fossil" here but bear with me), based on a similar Earth creature known as the coelocanth. Ladies and gentlemen, the living rock fish:
Pokemon: Relicanth
Ability: Thousand Days
No, that's not how long this project is going on hold...Thousand Days is an ability that allows the user to accelerate the natural aging process of any inanimate object. This usually results in instantaneous deterioration and decomposition of the items in question. Thousand Days will not affect living beings, be they animals or plants (Note that dead beings can be affected due to them no longer classifiable as "living" things). In essence, this ability exponentially speeds up the rate at which bacteria decomposes things or the rate at which natural elements wear down an item. Physical contact is an activation condition. Relicanth himself has not fully mastered Thousand Days (He has sufficient control to not destroy everything he touches), so he might accidentally disintegrate your clothes if he suddenly loses focus (It happens more often than you think...Those narrow eyes can't seem to stay focused on anything for long periods of time).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Which Came First, The Chicken or The Egg?

Personally, I think it's the egg, but that's not what I'm here to discuss. Today's Pokemon is based on the prehistoric pteradactyl (Or other related species), commonly and inaccurately referred to by most as a "dinosaur". In actuality, flying reptiles like the pteradactyl are not considered true dinosaurs, simply because they fly (One condition for being classified as a dinosaur is to be terrestrial aka land-based). Without further ado, here comes the winged claw:
Pokemon: Aerodactyl
Ability: Atheist
Atheist is an ability that allows the user to revert any object to its original form. The phrase "original form" can refer to whatever the object was like before it underwent a certain process. The simplest of ways this ability can be used is to remove damage from an object or person by reverting it back to what it was before being damaged. Atheist ignores the conservation of mass so it is entirely possible to transform a piece of paper into a log (Although this takes considerably more energy than simply obeying the law), or even turning a bird into a dinosaur (By taking advantage of the definition of "original form", the user can revert a living being to whatever form it might have taken before undergoing the process of evolution). In regards to that last application, it would appear as though Atheist will not work on any being that shares the user's species. Simply put, Atheist doesn't work on humans (Unless the user just so happens to be a chicken). Aerodactyl is a paleontology nut who loves seeing prehistoric creatures alive and kicking (The problem lies in how long he can keep them alive, due to living conditions being vastly different back prehistoric times. Meganeura (Giant dragonflies) would not be able to live for too long in the current world due to the reduced oxygen content in the air, for example). He is also somewhat temperamental and will not tolerate being called a freak or anything else that sounds demeaning to him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Metapod Used Harden!

No, I'm not posting Metapod today...This week, we'll be taking a look at fossil Pokemon, Pokemon so old that they were thought to have died out only to be revived some few centuries later by Pokemon scientists. Today's fossil is based off of a prehistoric creature that for some reason greatly resembles a sea plant:
Pokemon: Cradily
Ability: Cornershop
Cornershop is an ability that allows the user to alter the toughness of things, from being tough as steel to being soft as cotton. However, Cornershop is only capable of affecting one thing at a time, and only if it is making contact with the user (This also means that the user's self cannot be affected). Even so, a person with good enough control over the ability can affect specific parts of an item (Such as causing a length of rope to turn into nunchucks by stiffening most of the rope but leaving a soft hinge in the middle). Cradily wears a single piece robe that covers her entire body as part of her defensive tactic, since she can't harden two pieces of clothing at the same time. When hardened, her robe can't actually fold so her movement is somewhat limited. Hence, she doesn't use it that often unless she has something in her hands that she can make good use of.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Totally Screwed Myself With This Ability

Okay, technically, this Pokemon's English name has not been officially revealed yet, but if it were to be the same as Lucario was back in the 4th Gen, the English name will probably follow the Japanese name...Besides, I don't know who else from the 5th Gen I can put up here for now:
Pokemon: Zoroark
Ability: Rapid Eye Movement
Rapid Eye Movement is an ability that allows the user to manipulate the data received by the brain from the eyes. It cannot form illusions (Which would be creating data), but it can alter whatever data is being received by the brain. For example, Rapid Eye Movement can cause a person to view things upside-down, mirrored right to left, rotated at specific angles, reflected down a certain axis, with colours inverted, in black and white, in sepia, and anything else the user can think of as well as any combination of effects. A simple, straightforward ability that can mess up your vision in more ways than one. Zoroark is a mischievous girl who likes to play visual pranks on other people (She usually doesn't do it out of malice, just for personal entertainment). Occasionally, she'd use Rapid Eye Movement on herself just to see what it feels like, and throw up a short while after (She is surprisingly weak when it comes to nausea).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Join The Dark Side...We Have Candy

Not that black automatically means evil...But whatever, today's Pokemon is the counterpart to yesterday's Reshiram. While yesterday's legendary has a flaming jet engine for a tail, today's legendary has an electric turbine. Introducing, the black legendary of Pokemon White:
Pokemon: Zekrom
Ability: Men In Black
Men In Black is an ability that allows the user to transform any object into a more modern form. To put it simply, it is the reverse of White Chicks. However, there is one other difference - Men In Black can affect plant life. As shown in the example picture above, plants like grass can be transformed into modern roads, but for now, that seems to be the only way to make it work on plants. It has shown no effect on trees or other large plants and such. Another condition is that the modernized object must exist at the time the object is being transformed. That means you can't obtain future technology or anything like that. Zekrom enjoys the modern life much more than a life of sweat and toil. He is the type who is always looking towards the future, believing that with greater scientific advancement, society would be able to pull itself out of poverty and misfortune. He gracefully accepts change and never complains. There are rumours that he is romantically involved with Reshiram but I don't know anything about that...

Friday, September 17, 2010

And So It Begins...

The 5th Generation has arrived, and all the Pokemon have been unveiled for all to see! However, it will be a while before most of them make it onto my blog because I'd have to wait for the English names and dex entries to spur my creativity in giving them abilities. However, the official English Pokemon site did reveal Reshiram and Zekrom, so to celebrate the release of Pokemon Black and White, I'll showcase the two of them:
Pokemon: Reshiram
Ability: White Chicks
White Chicks is an ability that allows the user to transform any object into a more primitive form. For example, she can turn LRTs into locomotives, jet fighters into biplanes, tar roads into dirt roads and so on. White Chicks apparently only affects man-made objects so it won't work on people or even trees. There seems to be no special condition for activation; White Chicks can be used on an object as long as the user knows what to transform it into. Reshiram is a lady who believes that the modern world and technology in general are causing more harm than good. Why, back in her day, people cherished and respected the values of hard work and dedication, whereas now, technology is only causing people to seek greater convenience and personal satisfaction, leading to the decay of moral values and increasing laziness within society. If you meet her, expect to see everything around you going back to the Victorian era while she rambles on about the Internet poisoning the minds of young kids and stuff like that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Everytime A Character Walks On Water, Someone's Gonna Mention Jesus

Ending the weekend will be the 4th Gen Water starter, a penguin made of knives:
Pokemon: Empoleon
Ability: Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool is an ability that allows the user to solidify water without turning it into ice. It basically strengthens the water tension between water molecules to match the toughness of steel. With a bit of control, the user can even form shapes out of water or solidify specific portions of a large body of water. The only catch to this ability is that the user has to be touching the water in order to solidify it. Empoleon has practically mastered Drowning Pool and is able to walk on water as well as create weapons or walls out of water. She appears to use the water trident a lot.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crikey! Ain't She A Beaut!

Another busy day...What kind of a holiday is this? Either way, today, I bring you one of my favorite Pokemon, whose gijinka possesses an ability that I never thought I'd be able to think up but I did anyway. In memory of Steve Irwin:
Pokemon: Feraligatr
Ability: Aqualung
Aqualung is an ability that allows the user to turn his hair into crocodilians (Crocodiles, Alligators, Caiman, and so on). There's no limit to the number of crocodiles the user can produce as long as they have enough hair to use. However, generating large numbers of crocodilians is generally advised against because these crocs won't be following the user's orders. After a while, the crocodilians will turn back to hair, cause ability effects don't usually last forever (They go against the basic laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Those that don't have a chance of producing permanent effects. An example of this would be Hot And Cold, which channels existing energy rather than creating it). Feraligatr is intimidating enough to force his crocs to obey his orders, so he has an advantage when it comes to using Aqualung (It's still not advisable for him to generate too many crocs cause he wouldn't be able to handle a group attack). He is also strong enough to wrestle disobedient crocs into submission (Attack him while he's wrestling FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Needs Plumbing When You've Got This?

Busy, busy day...Anyway, this week's theme is final stages of Water starters. I decided to use this theme because I always go with the Water starter and the recently released but not yet officially confirmed final stage of Mijumaru looks like a Drill Tank Unicorn Conch Shell Otter. I don't know about you guys, but I find it awesome. But back to the topic at hand, today's Pokemon is the somewhat oddly classified Shellfish Pokemon:
Pokemon: Blastoise
Ability: Teardrop Guitar
Teardrop Guitar is an ability that allows the user to produce high-pressure water jets from any available hole or opening. The water that shoots out from the hole doesn't actually come from inside it; Water is generated and released at high speeds from the surface of the hole instead of from within the hole itself. The pressure of the water can be controlled by the user, but higher pressures must be consciously maintained. By default, the water pressure is only capable of pushing objects (But the impact is still pretty hard). Blastoise carries around a couple of holed dumbbell things that she uses to create high-pressure water beam swords. Occasionally, she will shoot water out of the opponent's (Or a friend's) nostrils or ears or mouth, just to distract them (Or mess with them). It's also useful for changing the trajectory of an object (Provided that it is holed).

Sunday, September 5, 2010


And now, the final of the fairy trio, the being who controls willpower:
Pokemon: Azelf
Ability: System Of A Down
System Of A Down is an ability that allows the user to instantaneously halt an action. For example, as you are about to deliver a punch, somebody uses System On A Down on you, causing you to immediately revert back to standing position in the middle of your punch. This only works on human actions, that is, you can't stop a projectile from flying or a flame from burning. You can, however, stop a person from falling, burning, drowning and so much more. You can also stop a person from breathing or living but the effect is only temporary (About half a second). Azelf is more responsible with her abilities than her two sisters and usually uses System Of A Down to prevent crimes (Or awkward situations).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweeeeeeeeeet Emooooooooootionnnnn~

I don't really have anything to say in this space so let's just go straight to the emotion Pokemon:
Pokemon: Mesprit
Ability: Sweet Emotion
Sweet Emotion is an ability that allows the user to synchronize another person's emotions with his/her own. That is to say, when Sweet Emotion is used on a person, that person will feel the same emotions being felt by the user. Feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, melancholy, neutrality, boredom, jealousy, envy, lust, fear, and other such emotions will be channeled to the other person being targeted. Mesprit does not have as much control over this ability as her sisters do (Neither does she have much control over her emotions), so you can expect to see the people around her all acting under the same emotions. It's a pretty interesting and fun sight really...

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Is The Jail House Rock!

When I checked my collection of posted gijinkas, I noticed I haven't posted a lot of Sinnoh Pokemon. Thus, I will be posting three Sinnoh Pokemon this weekend - Three Sinnoh Pokemon who control the human qualities of knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Let's start off with the smartypants:
Pokemon: Uxie
Ability: Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind is an ability that allows the user to wipe away the last 5 seconds of memory in a person's mind. Say for example, in the span of 5 seconds, you look through a menu, select your preferred dishes, and calculate the total cost. Suddenly, someone targets you with Third Eye Blind. You will end up forgetting what you've seen in the menu, what you've chosen, and the price of whatever is in there. In essence, your mind has gone back 5 seconds in time. You won't even remember breathing or seeing any kind of visuals within those 5 seconds. After each use, the user must wait 5 seconds before he/she can use Third eye Blind on the same person again. Uxie likes using this ability to mess with people's heads and see the reactions of people around them. She lives to annoy people (If not with her ability, then with her constant rambling of trivial facts nobody cares about).