Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let Me Spoil It For You, Fire Fist Gets Magma Fisted

To finish up the weekend, today's gijinka will complete the counterpart trio for the three admirals of One Piece. Not the kind of hot that most people would like:
Pokemon: Slugma
Ability: Flaming Lips
Flaming Lips is an ability that allows the user to turn into lava (If you want to get specific, magma is pretty much the same as lava but used to refer to lava that has yet to exit the Earth's crust. Lava is magma that has already left the crust). At first, this seems like an extremely powerful ability with little weaknesses, but the weaknesses it does have are severely limiting. First of all, the user can't stay in lava form for too long or he/she might cool and harden. Second of all, the lava is still capable of hurting the user if he/she touches the lava with a part of his/her body that has not turned into lava (The point where the body starts transforming into lava is unaffected by the heat). Admittedly, the lava produced by Flaming Lips is a lot less hotter than the lava spewed out by volcanoes since it hasn't been exposed to the Earth's mantle, but it is still molten rock and thus, still dangerously hot. Convection may also result from Flaming Lips. Slugma is nice enough not to use Flaming Lips at the slightest provocation, but she will still use it if provoked enough. That is to say, she's not really all that nice actually...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

She's Pretty Blingy for Someone Who Doesn't Wear Bling

Wouldn't you know it, I leave this picture by my computer for a few hours and when I return, it's stained with some sort of sauce...It's lucky for me that I've already scanned the picture at that time, but it's still not something I'm particularly happy about:
Pokemon: Espeon
Ability: Pocket Full Of Sunshine
Pocket Full Of Sunshine is an ability that allows the user to turn into light energy. More specifically, it allows the user to turn into any kind of light from the visible spectrum (That means no ultraviolet or infrared light, or anything beyond those boundaries). Other than being good for defense and long-distance travel, Pocket Full Of Sunshine also provides the ability to turn into laser beams. Yes, rather than producing lasers, you actually turn into them. The most powerful lasers can cut through steel, but this would require compressing a lot of that light energy into a very narrow and concentrated beam. Since the amount of light the user can turn into is fixed (And apparently, not enough for a high-power, steel-slicing laser), the offensive capabilities of Pocket Full Of Sunshine are a bit limited. Espeon usually uses it for instantaneous movement, but if required, she can turn into a blinding flash of light or a low-power laser (Which is capable of singeing skin but not penetrating the entire body).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

The title has nothing to do with today's gijinka by the way, One Piece is going on a break through the whole of September. Yup, no One Piece for one month...To commemorate this special occasion, this week's gijinka will have superpowers that match a certain team of three people in the One Piece universe. We're kicking it off with the Ice-type Eeveelution:
Pokemon: Glaceon
Ability: Ice Age
Ice Age is an ability that allows the user to turn into ice. Ice is pretty cold to the touch, and prolonged contact may cause frostbite (A condition where the area exposed to ice or snow becomes so cold that the skin or deeper layers freeze over and lose functionality. May require amputation in severe cases. The user isn't affected by frostbite when in ice form). The ice will also rapidly cool the surrounding air to below freezing temperatures. If the user is exposed to tremendous heat while in ice form, the ice may melt into water and the user will lose that part of their body forever, so it's not advisable to use Ice Age in hot areas. Glaceon is an ice princess tsundere type. She's a bit mean and a bit of a brat, but there are times when she will show her softer, more caring side. Still, if you annoy her, she will freeze your skin as though it were...something that people freeze a lot.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pufferfish Is The Deadliest Sushi in The World

And so, we end the weekend with a blowfish (Or is it a porcupine fish?). He's not the most attractive person I've ever showcased but hey, I'm showing all girls next week so that kinda makes up for it...Right?:
Pokemon: Qwilfish
Ability: Acid Bath
Acid Bath is an ability that allows the user to make a person's body sensitive to water. That is to say, anyone under the effect of Acid Bath will feel stinging pain when he/she comes into contact with water. It basically causes water to stimulate the pain receptors beneath the skin, but it doesn't do any damage (Still, I don't think anyone would like the sensation of EVERY SINGLE PAIN RECEPTOR being activated at the same time...). Qwilfish inhabits the local swimming pool (Oh, and I haven't quite decided where "local" refers to), causing pain to any hapless soul who tries to swim in there. The pool authorities don't know why people are complaining about the water and all that because they see Qwilfish swimming just fine in there. Yeah...Qwilfish wants the pool all to himself. He's a greedy little jerk.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me!

Did you look up the other Q Pokemon? Yes? Well then, you have probably realized that yesterday's Quilava is going to be the only gijinka that will seem even remotely attractive this week. I hope you're ready for the two guys coming up next:
Pokemon: Quagsire
Ability: Caribbean Pirates
Caribbean Pirates is an ability that allows the user to cause solid surfaces to act like water. Any surface under the effect of Caribbean Pirates will become "liquidised" with the density, surface tension, and viscosity of normal water. If a splash is produced and droplets escape from the surface, they will always return to the surface to conserve mass, even if it means going through layers upon layers of tough material. Quagsire enjoys using this ability to float around since he can't walk long distances without collapsing...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Geometric Fire Is Actually Harder to Draw Than Flowing Fire

I've got three gijinkas queued up and ready for you all this week. Yes, this week's theme is Pokemon whose names begin with the letter Q. There are only three such Pokemon across the four generations (Coincidentally, they're all in Generation 2), so it shouldn't be too hard to guess who's coming next. Let's start the weekend with a starter Pokemon:
Pokemon: Quilava
Ability: Uprising
Uprising is an ability that allows the user to generate special flames on any surface. These flames are special because they don't burn things, nor do they affect the temperature of whatever surface they're "burning" on. The only thing they do is raise the temperature of anything that comes into contact with them. Since it's usually air molecules that make contact with the fire, Uprising tends to cause strong winds blowing upwards (To the disdain of many skirt-wearing girls) but it can also heat up (And cause searing pain to) the skin of people who touch the fire, either unintentionally or purposely. Because Uprising does not burn or even raise the temperature of the surface generating the flames, Quilava likes to sprout flames on his own self, usually the head and lower back area. He has also studied the movement of air under the effect of convection so that he can utilize Uprising to its greatest efficiency (To the disdain of many skirt-wearing girls).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Drinking Apple Juice. And Now It's Coloured Water. And Now It's Beer.

To conclude the week of multi-form Pokemon, I've selected a Pokemon that possesses an effingly high number of forms. Not Rotom, I've already drawn her. It's not Arceus or Unown either, no, this Pokemon has so many forms, they outnumber the total amount of Pokemon, even if you include the 5th generation (I'm pretty sure)! With a staggering 4294967296 different forms (Or double that if you count shinies), say hello to the staggering panda Pokemon:
Pokemon: Spinda
Ability: Whiskey In A Jar
Whiskey In A Jar is an ability that allows the user to induce the effects of drunkenness in other people, without the need for alcohol. These effects include: Impaired motor coordination, blurred vision, slurred speech, narcolepsy, poor judgement, short-term memory loss, being "taken advantage" of, missing clothes, missing teeth, hallucinations, out of body experiences, out of mind experiences, out of this world experiences, tendency to be involved in fights, tendency to be involved in car accidents, tendency to be involved by the police, tendency to be involved by wives (Never husbands, cause they're usually out drinking somewhere else), lack of consciousness, lack of hydration, lack of IQ, sudden weight gain, sudden weight loss, spontaneous vomiting, explosive diarrhea, implosive diarrhea, goddamn hangovers, waking up in the toilet, waking up in a stranger's bedroom, waking up in jail, and financial instability. Spinda thinks it's fun to experience the sensation of being drunk, and believes that everyone should try it out for themselves. Thus, wherever Spinda goes, expect the people around him to do completely stupid things. It's said that Spinda has never been seen sober before...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah...

Today's gijinka is based on a Pokemon whose form changes depending on the weather. Makes for a good weatherman:
Pokemon: Castform
Ability: Umbrella
Umbrella is an ability that provides the user with different abilities depending on the weather. Cloudy skies will not provide any sort of ability whatsoever so the user will have to be resourceful during such weather. Cloudless skies will allow the user to breathe fire (Even if it's night time); Rain provides water breath, and snow provides ice breath. The user's appearance will change accordingly to remind the user of his ability. It has been speculated that if used during a sandstorm, Umbrella will cause sandy breath, but since the only user so far (Castform) lives in the city, this has not been verified. Castform cannot control Umbrella, so his appearance tends to change a lot despite him not wanting it. He has inadvertently developed weather forecasting skills to prepare himself for any expected form change.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Prepare For Double, And Make It Trouble...What?

This week, we'll be looking at Pokemon with multiple forms. The unfortunate thing is that Unown, who has 28 forms, has already been drawn, so he won't be appearing this week. But, there are still plenty of other Pokemon to choose from. Today's gijinka is probably going to be the only case where two people are designed after a single Pokemon:
Pokemon: Gastrodon
Ability: Tool
Tool is an ability that allows the user to project their conscious being into an inanimate object and cause it to take human form. In effect, it allows the user to turn something into a human, and at the same time allows him/herself to turn into an object. At first glance, this seems extremely similar to Cranberries, but there are a few differences. With Tool, the user can only project their consciousness once, which means there can be only two transformers at a time (Tool won't activate if the user doesn't project his/her consciousness so it's impossible for there to be only one transformer). Furthermore, the object that the user transforms into is fixed when Tool is used. For example, Gastrodon projects her consciousness into an ancient Chinese fan, leaving the rest of her mind to take on the form of a nearby club. The original body is now split between a fan and a club, both of which can take human form and act independently. Cranberries, on the other hand, simply transforms the user into whatever solid object they wish, so while it's more versatile, at the same time, it's less versatile...Yeah...Gastrodon is constantly using Tool, so you'll always see two of her. She (They?) have a secret team attack where they turn into half weapons, holding hands, and fling each other at a single direction. They always use it though, so it's not exactly secret...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm On A Blimp

To top off the weekend, today's gijinka is based on the largest Pokemon ever recorded. At 14.5m, this beast is two times longer than Gyarados (That means it's humongous) and is required for the awakening of the three golems in Ruby and Sapphire:
Pokemon: Wailord
Ability: Flight Of The Concords
Flight Of The Concords is an ability that allows the user to transport the entire battle area to the top of a moving blimp. When it is activated, a portal opens up in the air and expands to "swallow" the arena. The other side of the portal leads to the top of the nearest blimp. Flight Of The Concords can only be activated when both fighters have agreed to a formal battle and the location of battle is determined. Up in the sky, both battlers will face strong winds and occasional turbulence (As well as pounding fear for anyone with acrophobia). The lower pressure and lack of air will also affect the fighters' abilities somewhat. When one or more of the fighters are knocked out (Either fainting or being thrown off the blimp), the ability is canceled and the battle area returns to its original position (As well as any hapless soul who just so happens to fall off the blimp). Wailord is a gentleman, albeit a slightly manic one. The moment you agree to a battle with him, he will use Flight Of The Concords and go straight to pummeling you (His body has been trained to be able to handle high altitudes).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hiding in A Cardboard Box is The Best Idea Ever

Towering in at 9.2m, today's Pokemon is the largest serpentine Pokemon in the world...for now. The gijinka is pretty large too:
Pokemon: Steelix
Ability: Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid is an ability that allows the user to generate rust. The rusting effect isn't limited to iron (Although it probably shouldn't be called rusting then...Oxidation); Metal Gear Solid can cause other metals, including generally non-reactive ones such as gold, to oxidize at an almost instantaneous rate. Oxidation generally causes most metals to become more brittle, thus giving the user an advantage when the opponent relies heavily on metal equipment. The user must be in contact with the metal item in order to oxidize it. Note that being stabbed by a rusty piece of metal doesn't always cause tetanus; Tetanus is caused by a bacterium commonly found in soil. Objects left outside to rust are usually more exposed to the soil so they have a larger chance of containing the tetanus bacteria. However, Metal Gear Solid simply speeds up the rusting process without need for exposure to soil, so tetanus is not a major concern. Iron poisoning, on the other hand, is very likely if you get stabbed multiple times by a rusty item. Steelix uses the iron spikes on his back (Part of his outfit) to cause iron poisoning in opponents. He's a bit of a jerk and isn't afraid to intimidate people into submissively following his every order, usually with threats of tetanus (Yes, he already knows that rust does not cause tetanus, but he goes along with it anyway).

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'mma Chargin' My Dr.Octagonapus MIKURU BEAM BLARGH!!

That's three memes referenced at once...Anyway, this week, we'll be looking at three outrageously long Pokemon; Pokemon that are longer than the longest, towering above the rest and smashing through anything in their way. Today, clocking in at a massive 6.5m, I give you the beam spamming albino (That's like, the third albino I've put up on this blog now...):
Pokemon: Gyarados
Ability: Mash
Mash is an ability that allows the user to shoot beams of energy from his/her mouth. Unlike Hot And Cold, Mash doesn't pull in energy from the surroundings, instead pulling it from another dimension (It's sort of like creating energy, except it isn't really creating energy...Y'know, because of the Conservation of Energy and stuff). The user can create beams using any energy he/she wants, from simple heat and electric energy, to nuclear energy and kinetic energy, to the slightly more conceptually hard to imagine potential energy (I have an idea on what a beam of potential energy might do, but this isn't the place to explain it). The user can also control the intensity of the beam as well, having it either be a wide beam or a precise beam. Gyarados is one crazy son of an albino (Ok, his parents aren't albino but you get the idea) and he uses Mash to devastating effect. He prefers heat beams and the occasional light beam (Compressed into a laser).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And We're Back

Today's Pokemon is a special one. It is based off of the kabutomushi, a species of Japanese horned-beetle popularly used for beetle fights. With that in mind, the Bug/Fighting typing seems pretty logical:
Pokemon: Heracross
Ability: Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice is an ability that allows the user to secrete an extra sticky sap-like substance from his/her skin. The sticky sap can be transferred to other surfaces to make them adhesive should the need arise. Heracross is creative in his applications of Beetle Juice (Most iconically, he likes to spread some sap on his weapon thing and attack people with it. Once they're stuck, he just smashes them into walls and stuff). He doesn't have any ill intentions though; Most of the time he's just looking for someone to play with. If he asks you to play, don't say yes...