Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feathers of Steel!!

First post of November and I've decided to pull out some of my older gijinkas. A lot of these gijinkas are simple in design when compared to my more recent ones, but their abilities are still about as nuts as the recent ones. Today, we have the Dragon Pokemon who grew wings after falling off of cliffs its entire life:
Pokemon: Salamence
Ability: Flying Without Wings
Flying Without Wings is an ability that allows the user to turn steel into real, lightweight feathers. These feathers can vary in size from tiny penguin feathers to gigantic feathers of prehistoric times. However, no matter how big the feathers may be, they won't provide direct, controlled flight because they aren't attached to any wing muscles (Although they still allow gliding). While it serves no purpose offensively, it is a very useful defensive ability. Swords, shields, armor and anything comprised of steel will be rendered soft and fluffy, perfect for disarming. Salamence is a real butterfingers...His double monk's spade tends to slip out of his grip at the most inopportune times (Luckily, his weapon's blades are made of steel so Flying Without Wings can affect them before they hit his feet). Though slightly less threatening when using the weapon, he still possesses ample physical strength and is pretty dangerous without needing to use any special techniques.