Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Is My Way of Saying Merry Christmas

Don't assume I've forgotten about this place just cause I haven't update it in weeks:
Pokemon: Delibird
Ability: Birthday Massacre
Birthday Massacre is an ability that allows the user to produce an infinite amount of boxes of any shape and size. Each box will contain something that is completely random as long as it fits in the box. The boxes need not contain solid objects; They can produce flames, lightning, radiowaves, even a mini cyclone if they feel like it. The objects produced don't even have to be real; Things like pixies, magic wands, a statue that treads in the fourth dimension, fictional and impossible items can all be contained within the boxes. The main drawback of this ability is that it's completely random and the user has no control over what he/she will receive. Delibird is a flexible all-weapons user and makes the best out of whatever he's given from the boxes. He also tends to give some of his boxes to his friends as presents. For fun, of course.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Unova? What Kind of a Name is That?

So this is what my drawings have been reduced to after a week in Australia...I'm not too satisfied with the sketchiness. Ah well, a bit of practice should at least return me to my original level:
Pokemon: Snivy
Ability: Green Sleeves
Green Sleeves is an ability that allows the user to reduce a person's limbs into leaves. A maximum of two limbs can be degenerated on any one person and the targets feel no pain from the process. The target pretty much "loses" his/her limbs and the effect can only be reversed by will (or loss of consciousness) of the user. Snivy (I kinda like that name) is a rich, spoilt little girl with a rarely-shown caring side. She uses Green Sleeves whenever she gets annoyed but will usually reverse the effects after a short while.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feathers of Steel!!

First post of November and I've decided to pull out some of my older gijinkas. A lot of these gijinkas are simple in design when compared to my more recent ones, but their abilities are still about as nuts as the recent ones. Today, we have the Dragon Pokemon who grew wings after falling off of cliffs its entire life:
Pokemon: Salamence
Ability: Flying Without Wings
Flying Without Wings is an ability that allows the user to turn steel into real, lightweight feathers. These feathers can vary in size from tiny penguin feathers to gigantic feathers of prehistoric times. However, no matter how big the feathers may be, they won't provide direct, controlled flight because they aren't attached to any wing muscles (Although they still allow gliding). While it serves no purpose offensively, it is a very useful defensive ability. Swords, shields, armor and anything comprised of steel will be rendered soft and fluffy, perfect for disarming. Salamence is a real butterfingers...His double monk's spade tends to slip out of his grip at the most inopportune times (Luckily, his weapon's blades are made of steel so Flying Without Wings can affect them before they hit his feet). Though slightly less threatening when using the weapon, he still possesses ample physical strength and is pretty dangerous without needing to use any special techniques.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well Whaddya Know, It's Halloween Today

There's a pretty large gap between my last blog post and this one...But that doesn't matter, right? Today's gijinka is based off a particularly eerie Pokemon. The sole inhabitant of the Lost World and ruler of anti-matter:
Pokemon: Giratina
Ability: Mystery Science Theater
Mystery Science Theater is an ability that allows the user to produce anti-matter particles. Anti-matter, in the simplest sense, is negative matter. When equal amounts of matter and anti-matter collide, they result in zero matter (And quite a bit of energy). The problem faced by users of Mystery Science Theater is that since air constitutes as matter (All matter is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons so it doesn't matter if the anti-matter counterpart is of a different element as long as it contains anti-protons, anti-neutrons, and anti-electrons), the anti-matter they produce will be negated pretty quickly. When using Mystery Science Theater, the user's clothes are changed (At the area where anti-matter is contacting the body) into a special material consisting of a layer of matter and a layer of anti-matter separated by a thin vacuum. Though it is possible to surround oneself with anti-matter, it is not recommended since you won't be able to breathe in such a condition. Giratina is very very careful with his ability and is usually reluctant to use it unless absolutely required. Despite this, he is still quite smug and tends to intimidate his enemies with threats of his power, though he rarely ever activates Mystery Science Theater.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's A Bit Early For Halloween, Ain't It?

I didn't think I'd be back in two days...Oh well, this blog is fun, so why not? Today's gijinka is based off the bringer of nightmares, and the only Dark-type legendary Pokemon. His ability also draws inspiration from the infamous F.E.A.R. strategy in name only:
Pokemon: Darkrai
Ability: Gives You Hell
Gives You Hell is an ability that allows the user to manifest the fears of anyone nearby. The range is about 5 meters in all directions. A materialized fear will act as though it were real and solid (Unless the fear is something that can't be solid, such as darkness or heights) and will also be defeatable (Though the user can just respawn another one if the first fear is erased). Immaterial fears such as darkness and heights will be manifested as environmental changes where possible. Death, on the other hand, will be manifested differently depending on whose death is feared. If the target fears his/her own death, they will be shown a projection of their own funeral. If the target fears the death of someone else, then that someone else will be turned into a zombie if close by (If not, then a similar zombie will just be summoned). Darkrai likes to abuse his power to harass people with their own fears. He especially prefers non-solid fears due to their undefeatable nature. He is completely full of himself and claims to fear absolutely nothing...And for the most part, he really does fear nothing. That is to say, he actually fears the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

Friday, October 8, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

While everyone else is studying their butts off for the examinations, I'm here doing this...Anyway, today's gijinka is based off a legendary Pokemon who was subsequently based off the Japanese Tanabata festival. In the movies, it was used to materialize a giant Groudon while in the manga, it materialized a giant Kyogre...How ironic...:
Pokemon: Jirachi
Ability: Nightwish
Nightwish is standard object-materializing ability with a somewhat unconventional activation requirement. To activate Nightwish, the user must have the coveted item pictured in his/her mind, and must then see a flash of light. The weakness of this power is that if there isn't a light source nearby, this ability is near useless. However, if even one object is successfully summoned, this ability can be chained because the summoned object will be momentarily surrounded by sparkling light, perfect for activating Nightwish again (As long as the user can imagine the items fast enough). Jirachi loves using this ability anytime she wants, usually materializing toys for herself to play with. She wears a golden silk sash (Not really made of gold, since that'd be too heavy, but still sparkly enough) that she can glance at anytime if she ever wants to use Nightwish. Of course, the items disappear after a while so she gets upset a lot...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Tragedy!

It is most unfortunate but this might be the last blog post you'll see from me in a while. With schoolwork increasing by the motherloads and people requesting my help for tutoring and stuff, I'm running out of time for stuff like this. Sorry folks, it might be a while before I post again. But let's end this weekend first. Today's Pokemon can be considered a "living fossil" (Yes, I'm kinda stretching the meaning of "fossil" here but bear with me), based on a similar Earth creature known as the coelocanth. Ladies and gentlemen, the living rock fish:
Pokemon: Relicanth
Ability: Thousand Days
No, that's not how long this project is going on hold...Thousand Days is an ability that allows the user to accelerate the natural aging process of any inanimate object. This usually results in instantaneous deterioration and decomposition of the items in question. Thousand Days will not affect living beings, be they animals or plants (Note that dead beings can be affected due to them no longer classifiable as "living" things). In essence, this ability exponentially speeds up the rate at which bacteria decomposes things or the rate at which natural elements wear down an item. Physical contact is an activation condition. Relicanth himself has not fully mastered Thousand Days (He has sufficient control to not destroy everything he touches), so he might accidentally disintegrate your clothes if he suddenly loses focus (It happens more often than you think...Those narrow eyes can't seem to stay focused on anything for long periods of time).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Which Came First, The Chicken or The Egg?

Personally, I think it's the egg, but that's not what I'm here to discuss. Today's Pokemon is based on the prehistoric pteradactyl (Or other related species), commonly and inaccurately referred to by most as a "dinosaur". In actuality, flying reptiles like the pteradactyl are not considered true dinosaurs, simply because they fly (One condition for being classified as a dinosaur is to be terrestrial aka land-based). Without further ado, here comes the winged claw:
Pokemon: Aerodactyl
Ability: Atheist
Atheist is an ability that allows the user to revert any object to its original form. The phrase "original form" can refer to whatever the object was like before it underwent a certain process. The simplest of ways this ability can be used is to remove damage from an object or person by reverting it back to what it was before being damaged. Atheist ignores the conservation of mass so it is entirely possible to transform a piece of paper into a log (Although this takes considerably more energy than simply obeying the law), or even turning a bird into a dinosaur (By taking advantage of the definition of "original form", the user can revert a living being to whatever form it might have taken before undergoing the process of evolution). In regards to that last application, it would appear as though Atheist will not work on any being that shares the user's species. Simply put, Atheist doesn't work on humans (Unless the user just so happens to be a chicken). Aerodactyl is a paleontology nut who loves seeing prehistoric creatures alive and kicking (The problem lies in how long he can keep them alive, due to living conditions being vastly different back prehistoric times. Meganeura (Giant dragonflies) would not be able to live for too long in the current world due to the reduced oxygen content in the air, for example). He is also somewhat temperamental and will not tolerate being called a freak or anything else that sounds demeaning to him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Metapod Used Harden!

No, I'm not posting Metapod today...This week, we'll be taking a look at fossil Pokemon, Pokemon so old that they were thought to have died out only to be revived some few centuries later by Pokemon scientists. Today's fossil is based off of a prehistoric creature that for some reason greatly resembles a sea plant:
Pokemon: Cradily
Ability: Cornershop
Cornershop is an ability that allows the user to alter the toughness of things, from being tough as steel to being soft as cotton. However, Cornershop is only capable of affecting one thing at a time, and only if it is making contact with the user (This also means that the user's self cannot be affected). Even so, a person with good enough control over the ability can affect specific parts of an item (Such as causing a length of rope to turn into nunchucks by stiffening most of the rope but leaving a soft hinge in the middle). Cradily wears a single piece robe that covers her entire body as part of her defensive tactic, since she can't harden two pieces of clothing at the same time. When hardened, her robe can't actually fold so her movement is somewhat limited. Hence, she doesn't use it that often unless she has something in her hands that she can make good use of.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Totally Screwed Myself With This Ability

Okay, technically, this Pokemon's English name has not been officially revealed yet, but if it were to be the same as Lucario was back in the 4th Gen, the English name will probably follow the Japanese name...Besides, I don't know who else from the 5th Gen I can put up here for now:
Pokemon: Zoroark
Ability: Rapid Eye Movement
Rapid Eye Movement is an ability that allows the user to manipulate the data received by the brain from the eyes. It cannot form illusions (Which would be creating data), but it can alter whatever data is being received by the brain. For example, Rapid Eye Movement can cause a person to view things upside-down, mirrored right to left, rotated at specific angles, reflected down a certain axis, with colours inverted, in black and white, in sepia, and anything else the user can think of as well as any combination of effects. A simple, straightforward ability that can mess up your vision in more ways than one. Zoroark is a mischievous girl who likes to play visual pranks on other people (She usually doesn't do it out of malice, just for personal entertainment). Occasionally, she'd use Rapid Eye Movement on herself just to see what it feels like, and throw up a short while after (She is surprisingly weak when it comes to nausea).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Join The Dark Side...We Have Candy

Not that black automatically means evil...But whatever, today's Pokemon is the counterpart to yesterday's Reshiram. While yesterday's legendary has a flaming jet engine for a tail, today's legendary has an electric turbine. Introducing, the black legendary of Pokemon White:
Pokemon: Zekrom
Ability: Men In Black
Men In Black is an ability that allows the user to transform any object into a more modern form. To put it simply, it is the reverse of White Chicks. However, there is one other difference - Men In Black can affect plant life. As shown in the example picture above, plants like grass can be transformed into modern roads, but for now, that seems to be the only way to make it work on plants. It has shown no effect on trees or other large plants and such. Another condition is that the modernized object must exist at the time the object is being transformed. That means you can't obtain future technology or anything like that. Zekrom enjoys the modern life much more than a life of sweat and toil. He is the type who is always looking towards the future, believing that with greater scientific advancement, society would be able to pull itself out of poverty and misfortune. He gracefully accepts change and never complains. There are rumours that he is romantically involved with Reshiram but I don't know anything about that...

Friday, September 17, 2010

And So It Begins...

The 5th Generation has arrived, and all the Pokemon have been unveiled for all to see! However, it will be a while before most of them make it onto my blog because I'd have to wait for the English names and dex entries to spur my creativity in giving them abilities. However, the official English Pokemon site did reveal Reshiram and Zekrom, so to celebrate the release of Pokemon Black and White, I'll showcase the two of them:
Pokemon: Reshiram
Ability: White Chicks
White Chicks is an ability that allows the user to transform any object into a more primitive form. For example, she can turn LRTs into locomotives, jet fighters into biplanes, tar roads into dirt roads and so on. White Chicks apparently only affects man-made objects so it won't work on people or even trees. There seems to be no special condition for activation; White Chicks can be used on an object as long as the user knows what to transform it into. Reshiram is a lady who believes that the modern world and technology in general are causing more harm than good. Why, back in her day, people cherished and respected the values of hard work and dedication, whereas now, technology is only causing people to seek greater convenience and personal satisfaction, leading to the decay of moral values and increasing laziness within society. If you meet her, expect to see everything around you going back to the Victorian era while she rambles on about the Internet poisoning the minds of young kids and stuff like that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Everytime A Character Walks On Water, Someone's Gonna Mention Jesus

Ending the weekend will be the 4th Gen Water starter, a penguin made of knives:
Pokemon: Empoleon
Ability: Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool is an ability that allows the user to solidify water without turning it into ice. It basically strengthens the water tension between water molecules to match the toughness of steel. With a bit of control, the user can even form shapes out of water or solidify specific portions of a large body of water. The only catch to this ability is that the user has to be touching the water in order to solidify it. Empoleon has practically mastered Drowning Pool and is able to walk on water as well as create weapons or walls out of water. She appears to use the water trident a lot.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crikey! Ain't She A Beaut!

Another busy day...What kind of a holiday is this? Either way, today, I bring you one of my favorite Pokemon, whose gijinka possesses an ability that I never thought I'd be able to think up but I did anyway. In memory of Steve Irwin:
Pokemon: Feraligatr
Ability: Aqualung
Aqualung is an ability that allows the user to turn his hair into crocodilians (Crocodiles, Alligators, Caiman, and so on). There's no limit to the number of crocodiles the user can produce as long as they have enough hair to use. However, generating large numbers of crocodilians is generally advised against because these crocs won't be following the user's orders. After a while, the crocodilians will turn back to hair, cause ability effects don't usually last forever (They go against the basic laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Those that don't have a chance of producing permanent effects. An example of this would be Hot And Cold, which channels existing energy rather than creating it). Feraligatr is intimidating enough to force his crocs to obey his orders, so he has an advantage when it comes to using Aqualung (It's still not advisable for him to generate too many crocs cause he wouldn't be able to handle a group attack). He is also strong enough to wrestle disobedient crocs into submission (Attack him while he's wrestling FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Needs Plumbing When You've Got This?

Busy, busy day...Anyway, this week's theme is final stages of Water starters. I decided to use this theme because I always go with the Water starter and the recently released but not yet officially confirmed final stage of Mijumaru looks like a Drill Tank Unicorn Conch Shell Otter. I don't know about you guys, but I find it awesome. But back to the topic at hand, today's Pokemon is the somewhat oddly classified Shellfish Pokemon:
Pokemon: Blastoise
Ability: Teardrop Guitar
Teardrop Guitar is an ability that allows the user to produce high-pressure water jets from any available hole or opening. The water that shoots out from the hole doesn't actually come from inside it; Water is generated and released at high speeds from the surface of the hole instead of from within the hole itself. The pressure of the water can be controlled by the user, but higher pressures must be consciously maintained. By default, the water pressure is only capable of pushing objects (But the impact is still pretty hard). Blastoise carries around a couple of holed dumbbell things that she uses to create high-pressure water beam swords. Occasionally, she will shoot water out of the opponent's (Or a friend's) nostrils or ears or mouth, just to distract them (Or mess with them). It's also useful for changing the trajectory of an object (Provided that it is holed).

Sunday, September 5, 2010


And now, the final of the fairy trio, the being who controls willpower:
Pokemon: Azelf
Ability: System Of A Down
System Of A Down is an ability that allows the user to instantaneously halt an action. For example, as you are about to deliver a punch, somebody uses System On A Down on you, causing you to immediately revert back to standing position in the middle of your punch. This only works on human actions, that is, you can't stop a projectile from flying or a flame from burning. You can, however, stop a person from falling, burning, drowning and so much more. You can also stop a person from breathing or living but the effect is only temporary (About half a second). Azelf is more responsible with her abilities than her two sisters and usually uses System Of A Down to prevent crimes (Or awkward situations).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweeeeeeeeeet Emooooooooootionnnnn~

I don't really have anything to say in this space so let's just go straight to the emotion Pokemon:
Pokemon: Mesprit
Ability: Sweet Emotion
Sweet Emotion is an ability that allows the user to synchronize another person's emotions with his/her own. That is to say, when Sweet Emotion is used on a person, that person will feel the same emotions being felt by the user. Feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, melancholy, neutrality, boredom, jealousy, envy, lust, fear, and other such emotions will be channeled to the other person being targeted. Mesprit does not have as much control over this ability as her sisters do (Neither does she have much control over her emotions), so you can expect to see the people around her all acting under the same emotions. It's a pretty interesting and fun sight really...

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Is The Jail House Rock!

When I checked my collection of posted gijinkas, I noticed I haven't posted a lot of Sinnoh Pokemon. Thus, I will be posting three Sinnoh Pokemon this weekend - Three Sinnoh Pokemon who control the human qualities of knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Let's start off with the smartypants:
Pokemon: Uxie
Ability: Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind is an ability that allows the user to wipe away the last 5 seconds of memory in a person's mind. Say for example, in the span of 5 seconds, you look through a menu, select your preferred dishes, and calculate the total cost. Suddenly, someone targets you with Third Eye Blind. You will end up forgetting what you've seen in the menu, what you've chosen, and the price of whatever is in there. In essence, your mind has gone back 5 seconds in time. You won't even remember breathing or seeing any kind of visuals within those 5 seconds. After each use, the user must wait 5 seconds before he/she can use Third eye Blind on the same person again. Uxie likes using this ability to mess with people's heads and see the reactions of people around them. She lives to annoy people (If not with her ability, then with her constant rambling of trivial facts nobody cares about).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let Me Spoil It For You, Fire Fist Gets Magma Fisted

To finish up the weekend, today's gijinka will complete the counterpart trio for the three admirals of One Piece. Not the kind of hot that most people would like:
Pokemon: Slugma
Ability: Flaming Lips
Flaming Lips is an ability that allows the user to turn into lava (If you want to get specific, magma is pretty much the same as lava but used to refer to lava that has yet to exit the Earth's crust. Lava is magma that has already left the crust). At first, this seems like an extremely powerful ability with little weaknesses, but the weaknesses it does have are severely limiting. First of all, the user can't stay in lava form for too long or he/she might cool and harden. Second of all, the lava is still capable of hurting the user if he/she touches the lava with a part of his/her body that has not turned into lava (The point where the body starts transforming into lava is unaffected by the heat). Admittedly, the lava produced by Flaming Lips is a lot less hotter than the lava spewed out by volcanoes since it hasn't been exposed to the Earth's mantle, but it is still molten rock and thus, still dangerously hot. Convection may also result from Flaming Lips. Slugma is nice enough not to use Flaming Lips at the slightest provocation, but she will still use it if provoked enough. That is to say, she's not really all that nice actually...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

She's Pretty Blingy for Someone Who Doesn't Wear Bling

Wouldn't you know it, I leave this picture by my computer for a few hours and when I return, it's stained with some sort of sauce...It's lucky for me that I've already scanned the picture at that time, but it's still not something I'm particularly happy about:
Pokemon: Espeon
Ability: Pocket Full Of Sunshine
Pocket Full Of Sunshine is an ability that allows the user to turn into light energy. More specifically, it allows the user to turn into any kind of light from the visible spectrum (That means no ultraviolet or infrared light, or anything beyond those boundaries). Other than being good for defense and long-distance travel, Pocket Full Of Sunshine also provides the ability to turn into laser beams. Yes, rather than producing lasers, you actually turn into them. The most powerful lasers can cut through steel, but this would require compressing a lot of that light energy into a very narrow and concentrated beam. Since the amount of light the user can turn into is fixed (And apparently, not enough for a high-power, steel-slicing laser), the offensive capabilities of Pocket Full Of Sunshine are a bit limited. Espeon usually uses it for instantaneous movement, but if required, she can turn into a blinding flash of light or a low-power laser (Which is capable of singeing skin but not penetrating the entire body).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

The title has nothing to do with today's gijinka by the way, One Piece is going on a break through the whole of September. Yup, no One Piece for one month...To commemorate this special occasion, this week's gijinka will have superpowers that match a certain team of three people in the One Piece universe. We're kicking it off with the Ice-type Eeveelution:
Pokemon: Glaceon
Ability: Ice Age
Ice Age is an ability that allows the user to turn into ice. Ice is pretty cold to the touch, and prolonged contact may cause frostbite (A condition where the area exposed to ice or snow becomes so cold that the skin or deeper layers freeze over and lose functionality. May require amputation in severe cases. The user isn't affected by frostbite when in ice form). The ice will also rapidly cool the surrounding air to below freezing temperatures. If the user is exposed to tremendous heat while in ice form, the ice may melt into water and the user will lose that part of their body forever, so it's not advisable to use Ice Age in hot areas. Glaceon is an ice princess tsundere type. She's a bit mean and a bit of a brat, but there are times when she will show her softer, more caring side. Still, if you annoy her, she will freeze your skin as though it were...something that people freeze a lot.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pufferfish Is The Deadliest Sushi in The World

And so, we end the weekend with a blowfish (Or is it a porcupine fish?). He's not the most attractive person I've ever showcased but hey, I'm showing all girls next week so that kinda makes up for it...Right?:
Pokemon: Qwilfish
Ability: Acid Bath
Acid Bath is an ability that allows the user to make a person's body sensitive to water. That is to say, anyone under the effect of Acid Bath will feel stinging pain when he/she comes into contact with water. It basically causes water to stimulate the pain receptors beneath the skin, but it doesn't do any damage (Still, I don't think anyone would like the sensation of EVERY SINGLE PAIN RECEPTOR being activated at the same time...). Qwilfish inhabits the local swimming pool (Oh, and I haven't quite decided where "local" refers to), causing pain to any hapless soul who tries to swim in there. The pool authorities don't know why people are complaining about the water and all that because they see Qwilfish swimming just fine in there. Yeah...Qwilfish wants the pool all to himself. He's a greedy little jerk.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me!

Did you look up the other Q Pokemon? Yes? Well then, you have probably realized that yesterday's Quilava is going to be the only gijinka that will seem even remotely attractive this week. I hope you're ready for the two guys coming up next:
Pokemon: Quagsire
Ability: Caribbean Pirates
Caribbean Pirates is an ability that allows the user to cause solid surfaces to act like water. Any surface under the effect of Caribbean Pirates will become "liquidised" with the density, surface tension, and viscosity of normal water. If a splash is produced and droplets escape from the surface, they will always return to the surface to conserve mass, even if it means going through layers upon layers of tough material. Quagsire enjoys using this ability to float around since he can't walk long distances without collapsing...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Geometric Fire Is Actually Harder to Draw Than Flowing Fire

I've got three gijinkas queued up and ready for you all this week. Yes, this week's theme is Pokemon whose names begin with the letter Q. There are only three such Pokemon across the four generations (Coincidentally, they're all in Generation 2), so it shouldn't be too hard to guess who's coming next. Let's start the weekend with a starter Pokemon:
Pokemon: Quilava
Ability: Uprising
Uprising is an ability that allows the user to generate special flames on any surface. These flames are special because they don't burn things, nor do they affect the temperature of whatever surface they're "burning" on. The only thing they do is raise the temperature of anything that comes into contact with them. Since it's usually air molecules that make contact with the fire, Uprising tends to cause strong winds blowing upwards (To the disdain of many skirt-wearing girls) but it can also heat up (And cause searing pain to) the skin of people who touch the fire, either unintentionally or purposely. Because Uprising does not burn or even raise the temperature of the surface generating the flames, Quilava likes to sprout flames on his own self, usually the head and lower back area. He has also studied the movement of air under the effect of convection so that he can utilize Uprising to its greatest efficiency (To the disdain of many skirt-wearing girls).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Drinking Apple Juice. And Now It's Coloured Water. And Now It's Beer.

To conclude the week of multi-form Pokemon, I've selected a Pokemon that possesses an effingly high number of forms. Not Rotom, I've already drawn her. It's not Arceus or Unown either, no, this Pokemon has so many forms, they outnumber the total amount of Pokemon, even if you include the 5th generation (I'm pretty sure)! With a staggering 4294967296 different forms (Or double that if you count shinies), say hello to the staggering panda Pokemon:
Pokemon: Spinda
Ability: Whiskey In A Jar
Whiskey In A Jar is an ability that allows the user to induce the effects of drunkenness in other people, without the need for alcohol. These effects include: Impaired motor coordination, blurred vision, slurred speech, narcolepsy, poor judgement, short-term memory loss, being "taken advantage" of, missing clothes, missing teeth, hallucinations, out of body experiences, out of mind experiences, out of this world experiences, tendency to be involved in fights, tendency to be involved in car accidents, tendency to be involved by the police, tendency to be involved by wives (Never husbands, cause they're usually out drinking somewhere else), lack of consciousness, lack of hydration, lack of IQ, sudden weight gain, sudden weight loss, spontaneous vomiting, explosive diarrhea, implosive diarrhea, goddamn hangovers, waking up in the toilet, waking up in a stranger's bedroom, waking up in jail, and financial instability. Spinda thinks it's fun to experience the sensation of being drunk, and believes that everyone should try it out for themselves. Thus, wherever Spinda goes, expect the people around him to do completely stupid things. It's said that Spinda has never been seen sober before...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah...

Today's gijinka is based on a Pokemon whose form changes depending on the weather. Makes for a good weatherman:
Pokemon: Castform
Ability: Umbrella
Umbrella is an ability that provides the user with different abilities depending on the weather. Cloudy skies will not provide any sort of ability whatsoever so the user will have to be resourceful during such weather. Cloudless skies will allow the user to breathe fire (Even if it's night time); Rain provides water breath, and snow provides ice breath. The user's appearance will change accordingly to remind the user of his ability. It has been speculated that if used during a sandstorm, Umbrella will cause sandy breath, but since the only user so far (Castform) lives in the city, this has not been verified. Castform cannot control Umbrella, so his appearance tends to change a lot despite him not wanting it. He has inadvertently developed weather forecasting skills to prepare himself for any expected form change.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Prepare For Double, And Make It Trouble...What?

This week, we'll be looking at Pokemon with multiple forms. The unfortunate thing is that Unown, who has 28 forms, has already been drawn, so he won't be appearing this week. But, there are still plenty of other Pokemon to choose from. Today's gijinka is probably going to be the only case where two people are designed after a single Pokemon:
Pokemon: Gastrodon
Ability: Tool
Tool is an ability that allows the user to project their conscious being into an inanimate object and cause it to take human form. In effect, it allows the user to turn something into a human, and at the same time allows him/herself to turn into an object. At first glance, this seems extremely similar to Cranberries, but there are a few differences. With Tool, the user can only project their consciousness once, which means there can be only two transformers at a time (Tool won't activate if the user doesn't project his/her consciousness so it's impossible for there to be only one transformer). Furthermore, the object that the user transforms into is fixed when Tool is used. For example, Gastrodon projects her consciousness into an ancient Chinese fan, leaving the rest of her mind to take on the form of a nearby club. The original body is now split between a fan and a club, both of which can take human form and act independently. Cranberries, on the other hand, simply transforms the user into whatever solid object they wish, so while it's more versatile, at the same time, it's less versatile...Yeah...Gastrodon is constantly using Tool, so you'll always see two of her. She (They?) have a secret team attack where they turn into half weapons, holding hands, and fling each other at a single direction. They always use it though, so it's not exactly secret...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm On A Blimp

To top off the weekend, today's gijinka is based on the largest Pokemon ever recorded. At 14.5m, this beast is two times longer than Gyarados (That means it's humongous) and is required for the awakening of the three golems in Ruby and Sapphire:
Pokemon: Wailord
Ability: Flight Of The Concords
Flight Of The Concords is an ability that allows the user to transport the entire battle area to the top of a moving blimp. When it is activated, a portal opens up in the air and expands to "swallow" the arena. The other side of the portal leads to the top of the nearest blimp. Flight Of The Concords can only be activated when both fighters have agreed to a formal battle and the location of battle is determined. Up in the sky, both battlers will face strong winds and occasional turbulence (As well as pounding fear for anyone with acrophobia). The lower pressure and lack of air will also affect the fighters' abilities somewhat. When one or more of the fighters are knocked out (Either fainting or being thrown off the blimp), the ability is canceled and the battle area returns to its original position (As well as any hapless soul who just so happens to fall off the blimp). Wailord is a gentleman, albeit a slightly manic one. The moment you agree to a battle with him, he will use Flight Of The Concords and go straight to pummeling you (His body has been trained to be able to handle high altitudes).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hiding in A Cardboard Box is The Best Idea Ever

Towering in at 9.2m, today's Pokemon is the largest serpentine Pokemon in the world...for now. The gijinka is pretty large too:
Pokemon: Steelix
Ability: Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid is an ability that allows the user to generate rust. The rusting effect isn't limited to iron (Although it probably shouldn't be called rusting then...Oxidation); Metal Gear Solid can cause other metals, including generally non-reactive ones such as gold, to oxidize at an almost instantaneous rate. Oxidation generally causes most metals to become more brittle, thus giving the user an advantage when the opponent relies heavily on metal equipment. The user must be in contact with the metal item in order to oxidize it. Note that being stabbed by a rusty piece of metal doesn't always cause tetanus; Tetanus is caused by a bacterium commonly found in soil. Objects left outside to rust are usually more exposed to the soil so they have a larger chance of containing the tetanus bacteria. However, Metal Gear Solid simply speeds up the rusting process without need for exposure to soil, so tetanus is not a major concern. Iron poisoning, on the other hand, is very likely if you get stabbed multiple times by a rusty item. Steelix uses the iron spikes on his back (Part of his outfit) to cause iron poisoning in opponents. He's a bit of a jerk and isn't afraid to intimidate people into submissively following his every order, usually with threats of tetanus (Yes, he already knows that rust does not cause tetanus, but he goes along with it anyway).

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'mma Chargin' My Dr.Octagonapus MIKURU BEAM BLARGH!!

That's three memes referenced at once...Anyway, this week, we'll be looking at three outrageously long Pokemon; Pokemon that are longer than the longest, towering above the rest and smashing through anything in their way. Today, clocking in at a massive 6.5m, I give you the beam spamming albino (That's like, the third albino I've put up on this blog now...):
Pokemon: Gyarados
Ability: Mash
Mash is an ability that allows the user to shoot beams of energy from his/her mouth. Unlike Hot And Cold, Mash doesn't pull in energy from the surroundings, instead pulling it from another dimension (It's sort of like creating energy, except it isn't really creating energy...Y'know, because of the Conservation of Energy and stuff). The user can create beams using any energy he/she wants, from simple heat and electric energy, to nuclear energy and kinetic energy, to the slightly more conceptually hard to imagine potential energy (I have an idea on what a beam of potential energy might do, but this isn't the place to explain it). The user can also control the intensity of the beam as well, having it either be a wide beam or a precise beam. Gyarados is one crazy son of an albino (Ok, his parents aren't albino but you get the idea) and he uses Mash to devastating effect. He prefers heat beams and the occasional light beam (Compressed into a laser).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And We're Back

Today's Pokemon is a special one. It is based off of the kabutomushi, a species of Japanese horned-beetle popularly used for beetle fights. With that in mind, the Bug/Fighting typing seems pretty logical:
Pokemon: Heracross
Ability: Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice is an ability that allows the user to secrete an extra sticky sap-like substance from his/her skin. The sticky sap can be transferred to other surfaces to make them adhesive should the need arise. Heracross is creative in his applications of Beetle Juice (Most iconically, he likes to spread some sap on his weapon thing and attack people with it. Once they're stuck, he just smashes them into walls and stuff). He doesn't have any ill intentions though; Most of the time he's just looking for someone to play with. If he asks you to play, don't say yes...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Had A Bad Day Today...Not In The Mood...

Today's Pokemon gijinka is a Fighting/Steel type. Yeah, that was obvious. Completely obvious:
Pokemon: Lucario
Ability: Hot And Cold
Hot And Cold is an ability that allows the user to accumulate heat energy from the surroundings into the user's palms. That energy may then be directed outwards as a heat ray, or be shot out as a sphere of heat. When Hot And Cold is used, the surrounding's temperature is decreased slowly as heat energy escapes into the user's palms. Lucario refers to this energy as "aura" and prefers shooting it out as balls. He won't hurt anyone if he's not provoked. He also claims to be able to "feel the essence of everything around him" but that's just garbage; He depends on his eyes as much as everyone else.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Haven't Listened to Music for A While Now...

Alright, this week's theme was chosen because some dude kept bugging me to do Nidoqueen (Because he suggested her ability, guess I should give him credit for that), so I had to think of a theme that could include Nidoqueen and at least two other Pokemon. The theme is "Pokemon that belong to the Blue Color Group and have unique typings". Today, I have a Poison/Ground type Pokemon to showcase. Technically, the typing isn't unique (Nidoking shares the same type), but they're both kind of related anyway so I thought, whatever:
Pokemon: Nidoqueen
Ability: One Republic
One Republic is an ability that allows both the user and the opponent to generate a sphere of a fixed size (Radius of 1m) and control anything within that sphere. This ability can only be activated when both fighters have agreed to a formal battle, during which the opponent will temporarily lose his/her original ability. Anything within the sphere is under the owner's control, from solid structures and liquids to the air within it and any energy as well (Although using the energy will require a bit of talent in the field of physics). Even after it has left the sphere, the objects will remain in the control of the owner. Conversely, anything from outside the sphere won't automatically fall under the owner's control if it happens to enter the sphere. Nidoqueen is a noble warrior who wants to prove to the world that women can be warriors if they wanted to. She won't actively challenge anyone unless they show a great degree of discrimination towards the female population.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alright Stop...

Collaborate and listen...This week's edition Gijinka Friends will end with a Pokemon based off what the Japanese know as a Yuki-onna (Snow Girl). The Yuki-onna is said to be a youkai disguised as a beautiful, pale girl in a kimono, often living near snowy mountain tops. It charms passing hikers and mountaineers into living with it in its home where they never leave again...Their breath is said to be able to freeze things and they eat humans...Apparently...:
Pokemon: Froslass
Ability: Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby is an ability that lowers the temperature of the user's breath to as low as -60 degrees Celsius. Well, that's pretty much all that needs defining from an ability as specific as that. The user can control the temperature of his/her breath to be anywhere between body temperature and -60 degrees Celsius. Froslass is a bit shy and quiet but is really quite a nICE person. She only seems cold on the outside, but on the inside, she's warm as a...not ice thing. However, she hasn't learned to properly control Ice Ice Baby so she might make a few mistakes here and there...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have You Ever Tripped Over Nothing?

Today, we're going to look at a Pokemon based off of a Japanese youkai that's less well-known than most. The Tsuchinoko (Earth Child) is a short, fat, land snake whose body is thicker than its head. It's said to be venomous but other than that, it's not really dangerous at all. The Tsuchinoko is less like the legendary Pegasus or Tengu and more like the controversial Bigfoot or Nessie. That is to say, it's like one of those mythical creatures that people think they see and then report to cryptozoologists. It's not very spectacular and similarly, the Pokemon it inspired isn't very spectacular either, but I still like it:
Pokemon: Dunsparce
Ability: Hole
Hole is an ability that allows the user to generate invisible pits. These pits can come in any shape or size but their depth cannot exceed 1m. On the surface, the pits are completely unnoticeable because they are covered by an illusion of land (Which typically adjusts itself to whatever terrain is surrounding it). It's very useful for incapacitating opponents or performing sneak attacks. A person trapped beneath a pit can still climb out if he/she can find the edge, which should be clearly visible under the surface. While under the surface, the surface itself also becomes see-through, so in a sense, it's like a one-way window. Dunsparce is really quite harmless and won't actively seek to hurt anyone. However, he will prepare invisible pits when he feels the need to sit down and there are no chairs nearby. Any unlucky passer-by who falls into his pit is subjected to stories of his legendary past...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ready! To Die!

Welcome to another weekend of superpowered gijinkas. This week's theme is Pokemon based off Japanese youkai. Now some of you might be familiar with the inspirations for these Pokemon, but I'm going to have to name the youkai anyway for those of you who didn't bother to do any research on the Pokemon. Today's Pokemon is based off the Futakuchi-onna or Two-mouthed Woman (The second mouth is on the back of the head). These youkai are thought to be women who were either starved by their husbands, or neglected their step-children (In which case, the second mouth is actually the spirit of the starved-to-death child infused to the back of the woman's head). Futakuchi-onna are commonly depicted with the mouth surrounded by tendrils of hair that grab surrounding food and insert them into the mouth itself. Now that you have a vague idea on what the Pokemon is based off, meet the Pokemon itself:
Pokemon: Mawile
Ability: Hair Reporter
Hair Reporter is an ability that allows the user to control his/her own hair in terms of length, strength, and durability. The user may make his/her hair longer, shorter, tougher, or more brittle. The user can also control the movement of his/her hair, allowing such things as walking on your own hair ala Dr. Octavius. Mawile may look like a cute little girl, but she is a master of deception. She won't play fair with all that hair; Anyone going up against her should expect tactics like crocodile tears, fake innocence, and making people feel pity towards her. Then, when you approach her to try and comfort her, a giant pair of jaws made from toughened hair comes chomping down on your helpless and totally gullible body. Press everse button to continue.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anybody Up For Some Egg Puns?

It's time to eggsquisitely end this eggstoardinary weekend with another eggsample of a Pokemon with eggstra heads. Eggshibited here is the eggstremely weird but eggscusable eggs of eggsellence which eggsude an aura of eggsquisiteness:
Pokemon: Exeggcute
Ability: Three Faces
Three Faces is an ability that allows the user to generate energy beams from mask openings. Commonly, the lasers will be shot out of the eye holes but they can also erupt from nose holes, mouth holes, ear holes (For those masks that cover the entire head), and decorative holes. Holes that appear due to damage are not exempt from the list, so damaging the masks is not advisable. The lasers are formed from condensed, high-energy light waves and are able to burn through most materials with relative ease. However, maintaining the beams constant stream requires copious amounts of energy and stamina, so users are advised to shoot the lasers in short bursts instead. Exeggcute isn't aware of the energy consumption, so she tends to continue lasering the hell out of whatever irritates her (Exhausting herself in the process). Try not to call her a girl, she doesn't like it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Heads Are Better Than Two

Togashi's style may seem simplistic, but it's rather hard to emulate...Anyway, today's Pokemon is the mole whose bottom half has never been seen before:
Pokemon: Dugtrio
Ability: The Killing Road
The Killing Road is an ability that allows the user to produce pillars of stone/soil/whatever the ground is currently made of by sending an impact through the ground. The impact can come in the form of a punch, a stomp, or a 5-ton hammer blow. The height of the earth pillar produced is proportional to the amount of force impacting the ground. Bigger impacts create taller pillars. These pillars can be used defensively or offensively (Although amazing timing is required if the user wants to attack with it). Dugtrio enjoys the thrill of fighting, but apparently, not a lot of people want to fight him (Most will stay away. Like, reaaaaally away...). Therefore, he has a somewhat gloomy personality, always thinking about how being strong might not be the best thing ever, even though fighting is fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Don't Care If You Get Black or White

Welcome to another weekend of three gijinkas. This week's theme is Pokemon with more than one head. Today's gijinka looks surprisingly similar to the male protagonist of the 5th Gen games. His ability's name is even the names of the 5th Gen games (Although I originally intended it to reference a certain singer with a liquid nose). It's all purely coincidence, I swear:
Pokemon: Girafarig
Ability: Black Or White
Black Or White is an ability that allows the user to separate people (Including his/herself) into two halves, with one half containing an extreme attribute and the other containing an extreme of the opposite attribute. For example, a moderately intelligent person can be split into a genius and a doofus, or a slightly moral person can be split into a chivalrous hero and an evil menace. To differentiate the two halves, one person will have their clothing in the original color, while the other one will have the clothes' colors inverted (But the body will remain identical, right down to the fingerprints). Do not be fooled, however, because the colors only serve as a differentiator, a person clothed in black is not necessarily evil, and one coated in white is not necessarily righteous. Girafarig uses this ability to make his opponents easier to defeat (Note that when one half receives damage, the other half is damaged in the same area), and sometimes, to give himself an advantage in numbers (Though when he uses it on himself, he tends to go for negligible or trivial attributes, such as obsession with chocolate).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spongebob Would Love This

To end this weekend, I'll be showcasing a gijinka of the Zubat of the seas. You can't surf more than 5 steps without running into one of these guys:
Pokemon: Tentacool
Ability: Jellyfish
Jellyfish is an ability that allows the user to produce airborne jellyfish from their arms. Like normal sea jellies, air jellies have a venomous sting, though the species produced by Jellyfish is only capable of causing painful rashes at most. The bodies of air jellies are composed of 90% air, and they support themselves using the air around them. The don't eat anything, and are produced with enough energy to stay alive for about 10 minutes. Once the time is up, their bodies go limp and float around indefinitely, unless willingly dismissed by the user. Even when dead, the nematocysts on the air jellies' tentacles can sting and inject the irritating venom when touched. Tentacool is eager to creep people out with Jellyfish, but she doesn't usually mean any harm. She just wants to have fun (And see the looks on your faces when you come face-to-face with a jellyfish).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Want A Rock!

Today, we have the annoying cave-dwelling rock Pokemon that appears every few steps you take (Kinda like a Rock-type Zubat):
Pokemon: Geodude
Ability: They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants is an ability that allows the user to change the volume of rocks, without altering their mass. This means he can take a relatively small rock, then increase its size to look really big, but it'll still weigh just as much as a small rock. This makes it useful for creating shields when all you have around you are tiny rocks (The enlarged rocks still have the properties of rock, being tough and hard. Interestingly, the increased volume means enlarged rocks can float on water due to lowered densities). Inversely, the user can take a large rock, and shrink it to reduce the amount of air resistance acting on it, creating a dangerous projectile. It will still weigh as much as a large rock though, so the user can't use rocks that are too large. Geodude uses the rock-enlarging ability to impress the ladies (With fake stunts), and the rock-shrinking ability to perform super vandalism and gain respect among other street hoodlums. Despite this, he does have a heart of gold buried within him...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nananananananananananananananana BATMAN!!

This weekend, I'll be showcasing gijinkas of the three most annoying Pokemon in the history of Pokemon. Let's start off with the goddamn bat:
Pokemon: Zubat
Ability: Blindmelon
Blindmelon is an ability that allows the user to take away a person's sense of vision. It basically makes people go blind, unable to see anything, not even their fingers held up to their face. It can affect as many people as the user wants, so it's pretty annoying. Zubat himself is completely blind, but like all the other blind people you see in movies, his sense of hearing is sharpened to the max. He uses Blindmelon to make his opponents see the same thing he does - Absolutely nothing. He also doesn't wear shoes so that he can feel what he's walking on. Sometimes, he just blinds people to be a jerk.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daydreaming in Chemistry Class Gives You This

If you guessed this weekend's theme to be "Pokemon that have abilities which prevent the opposing Pokemon from escaping", congratulations! That's exactly what I was going for:
Pokemon: Magnezone
Ability: Gravity
Gravity is an ability that allows the user to cause objects to orbit other objects. A larger object cannot orbit a smaller object. One object can only have a maximum of five other objects orbiting it. The orbits must remain in a two-dimensional plane and be circular, or elliptical. It is possible to cause an object to orbit another object that is also orbiting another object as long as the orbiting bodies fit the criteria mentioned above. The speed of each orbiting object is dependant on the speed at which it enters the orbit, and cannot be consciously manipulated. Magnezone frequently has something orbiting him as a sort of natural shield. If the need arises, he can make people orbit something (Such as himself) to incapacitate and disorientate them. He's aloof for the most part and prefers to do things alone, surfing the Net or designing software in his spare time.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's A Trap!

No, not that kind of trap! This one's a girl:
Pokemon: Trapinch
Ability: Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground is an ability that allows the user to generate an inescapable and indestructible cage around an area. The cage is formed by having the two halves come out from either side of the area to be enclosed and then coming together perfectly at the apex. The entire cage is only a semicircle and can be summoned from any sufficiently large surface (Even vertical walls). If the cage has to go through something to close up, it will phase through it harmlessly. Anything within the cage cannot be harmed by anything from outside, and the same holds true vice-versa. The gaps in the cage serve only as a window and lets only light, sound, and air pass through. Anything else will just bump into the gaps as though there is a sheet of glass there. The inside of the cage is lined with spikes to prevent people from attempting to escape. Trapinch seems innocent enough, but she has some really crazy ideas for games. And nobody can escape her...

Friday, July 2, 2010

So~nano ka?

For this weekend, I'll be showcasing three gijinkas whose original Pokemon have something in common. Let's see if anyone can find out what it is before the weekend ends.
It's gonna take a while for me to get used to this new pencil...:
Pokemon: Wobbuffet
Ability: You Too
You Too is an ability that allows the user to redirect any and all attacks targeting him, regardless of whether they're physical or not. There is, however, one type of attack that he cannot redirect: Attacks that have no trajectory or flight path. This usually means mental attacks that directly target the opponent's mind instead of following any specific path. Any other attacks, ranging from punches to sonar beams, can be redirected as long as the user remains completely motionless. Another condition that must be fulfilled to activate You Too is gripping firmly something that is connected to your body. Wobbuffet usually chooses to grip his black belt because it is easier to reach for. When an attack enters the user's body, he/she can choose where on their body he/she wants it to exit and at what angle. Wobbuffet is very wary of his surroundings (To the point of being paranoid) and may sometimes activate You Too for no reason other than "It felt like he was being targeted".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Spending Most Our Lives Living in An Amish Paradise~

You weren't expecting me to draw more than two of the same person in one panel were you? Well, I'm in lazy mode now...Furthermore, I've finally reached the point where I am unable to continue updating this blog daily. Starting from today, I will post once every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in this blog:
Pokemon: Honchkrow
Ability: Gangster's Paradise
Gangster's Paradise is an ability that allows the user to manifest perfect clones of himself. These clones are partially sentient, being capable of free thought and movement as well as sharing the user's personality, but also falling under the absolute command of the original whenever he wishes for it. The clones are completely solid and any damage done to them is not relayed back to the original body. The maximum amount of clones that can be created is a measly ten, but that should already be enough for most situations. Honchkrow is one of the more heartless characters, having no concern at all for the clones he creates, frequently using them as his own tools or slaves. The sad part is his clones can't do anything against it because Honchkrow can just will them to do whatever he wants, or delete them if he feels threatened enough.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Have Startled The WitOHMAIGAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!

The rain is supposed to have this lightly colored glow around it but my scanner decided to be a jerk:
Pokemon: Lumineon
Ability: Left For Dead
Left For Dead is an ability that allows the user to make water glow. Yes, I actually thought up this power and liked it simply for its aesthetic appeal, but it has a dark, physical chemistry-related secret. When the user makes water glow, he/she is actually producing radioactive chemicals within the water (Usually, it's radium and its isotopes). Radium is highly radioactive and causes cells to die or continue growing to the point that they harm other cells. Radium can also degenerate into radon gas which, when inhaled or ingested, replaces calcium in the bones, causing a condition known as aplastic anemia (Lack of blood caused by lack of bone marrow). It is also capable of causing cancer! Lumineon knows the dangers of this ability (She sees Marie Curie as an idol), and always handles it with care (Canceling out her power if the water gets too close to her body).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Million Fireflies Charging at You and Shooting Beams!

Today, we have Hoenn's firefly duo. While I was designing them, Fantasia 2000's Rhapsody in Blue popped up in my mind. It was awesome...Disney should go back to making stuff like that. I'm not all that interested in Miley Cyrus or Demi Levato or Miranda Cos-Oh wait, that last one isn't Disney:
Pokemon: Volbeat
Ability: Lighthouse Family
Lighthouse Family is an ability that allows the user to generate a beam of heat energy between two insects. The insects themselves aren't harmed, being shrouded in an aura that produces the heat laser and remaining comfortably warm inside. The heat beam is always straight, and can burn through most materials with ease. The maximum length of the laser is about 3m; Any longer and the beam cuts itself off. At any one time, any number of beams can be generated, and one insect can produce more than one beam as long as the receiving insect is different. However, the user must be very careful because he/she is not immune to the heat beam. Volbeat tends to use this ability in conjunction with his girlfriend's ability:
Pokemon: Illumise
Ability: The Beetles
The Beetles is an ability that allows the user to generate a swarm of insects that all fly to a common point. The insects are completely invincible and cannot be destroyed by any means. Depending on the species of insect generated, this power could be deadly; Small insects tend to fly at high velocities, and with invincibility, will likely pierce right through many materials. Luckily, the human body is rigid enough to withstand this force, but the insects will merely be knocked away, while the human being hit will receive multiple painful bruises as the bugs keep coming. The insects are always generated 5m away from the chosen point, but their flight path is not predetermined. Therefore, it is hard to predict where one should dodge when encountered with erratic fliers like flies. Again, the user is not immune to the force of the invincible bugs and must be careful. Any insect that has reached the converging point will disappear after 2 seconds to prevent the mass of creep-crawlies from getting too big. Illumise tends to use this ability in conjunction with her boyfriend's Lighthouse Family ability. Cute couple, huh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. Octagonapus BLAAARGGH!!

It's getting harder and harder to update daily:
Pokemon: Aggron
Ability: Crush Forty
Crush Forty is an extraordinary ability. It allows the user to turn parts of himself into machinery, becoming half-human, half-cyborg (Which actually makes him 3/4 human since cyborgs are already half-human). The kind of machinery the user can produce is completely dependent on the user's imagination and knowledge of mechanics and electronics. This means that a sufficiently creative user may have limitless options on how to use Crush Forty. Aggron is one of those tech-savvy people, having broad knowledge on all things mechanical. This allows him to use Crush Forty to its fullest potential. He rarely ever produces projectile weapons like guns because the bullets would have to come from somewhere, and he can't produce them. His long-range weapons usually come in the form of laser guns or energy beams.