Monday, January 24, 2011


How about that? Another Unova Pokemon. Wait, I told you to expect one didn't I? Whatever, this line of Pokemon are fairly hard to gijinkafy, but they can end up being pretty fun:
Pokemon: Klinklang
Ability: Clockwork Orange
Clockwork Orange is an ability that allows the user to turn anything into gears. Solid things like swords, the ground, and even body parts can be transformed, and so can intangible things such as fire, water, and air (Creating air gears that look nothing like rollerblades). The user must produce a minimum of two gears when he/she uses Clockwork Orange, and each gear's axis of rotation will remain in position relative to another object (For example, if the user turns his arm into a set of gears, the gears will be at a set distance in a set position from his/her shoulder or elbow or wherever he/she chooses). Any kind of gear can be produced in any arrangement, limited only by the user's creativity and innovation. Klinklang is capable of using his gears offensively, having taken a liking to using bevel gears and worm gears as drills or buzzsaws. Another favorite tactic of his is to use air gears to reroute his opponent's attacks by generating strong winds (Since the air gears themselves can't deal any physical damage). He generally only fights back in self-defense.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Not Really A Fan of Bondage...

Expect a few 5th Gen gijinkas in the next few posts. I'm just adding them to my sketchbook for now and thinking and rethinking their abilities and such. To prevent this site from being too inactive, here's an older Pokemon:
Pokemon: Houndoom
Ability: Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains is an ability that allows the user to produce chains between any two points. The maximum amount of chains he can produce is 3, each with a maximum length of 1 metre. Many practical applications exist for such a power, ranging from locking a man's two legs together to restrict movement, to connecting an airborne projectile to an anchor so as to divert its course. Houndoom however, uses it mostly for pleasuring himself. He's actually quite a charming young man, but he has to periodically chain himself up to keep his sanity.