Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Had A Bad Day Today...Not In The Mood...

Today's Pokemon gijinka is a Fighting/Steel type. Yeah, that was obvious. Completely obvious:
Pokemon: Lucario
Ability: Hot And Cold
Hot And Cold is an ability that allows the user to accumulate heat energy from the surroundings into the user's palms. That energy may then be directed outwards as a heat ray, or be shot out as a sphere of heat. When Hot And Cold is used, the surrounding's temperature is decreased slowly as heat energy escapes into the user's palms. Lucario refers to this energy as "aura" and prefers shooting it out as balls. He won't hurt anyone if he's not provoked. He also claims to be able to "feel the essence of everything around him" but that's just garbage; He depends on his eyes as much as everyone else.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Haven't Listened to Music for A While Now...

Alright, this week's theme was chosen because some dude kept bugging me to do Nidoqueen (Because he suggested her ability, guess I should give him credit for that), so I had to think of a theme that could include Nidoqueen and at least two other Pokemon. The theme is "Pokemon that belong to the Blue Color Group and have unique typings". Today, I have a Poison/Ground type Pokemon to showcase. Technically, the typing isn't unique (Nidoking shares the same type), but they're both kind of related anyway so I thought, whatever:
Pokemon: Nidoqueen
Ability: One Republic
One Republic is an ability that allows both the user and the opponent to generate a sphere of a fixed size (Radius of 1m) and control anything within that sphere. This ability can only be activated when both fighters have agreed to a formal battle, during which the opponent will temporarily lose his/her original ability. Anything within the sphere is under the owner's control, from solid structures and liquids to the air within it and any energy as well (Although using the energy will require a bit of talent in the field of physics). Even after it has left the sphere, the objects will remain in the control of the owner. Conversely, anything from outside the sphere won't automatically fall under the owner's control if it happens to enter the sphere. Nidoqueen is a noble warrior who wants to prove to the world that women can be warriors if they wanted to. She won't actively challenge anyone unless they show a great degree of discrimination towards the female population.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alright Stop...

Collaborate and listen...This week's edition Gijinka Friends will end with a Pokemon based off what the Japanese know as a Yuki-onna (Snow Girl). The Yuki-onna is said to be a youkai disguised as a beautiful, pale girl in a kimono, often living near snowy mountain tops. It charms passing hikers and mountaineers into living with it in its home where they never leave again...Their breath is said to be able to freeze things and they eat humans...Apparently...:
Pokemon: Froslass
Ability: Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby is an ability that lowers the temperature of the user's breath to as low as -60 degrees Celsius. Well, that's pretty much all that needs defining from an ability as specific as that. The user can control the temperature of his/her breath to be anywhere between body temperature and -60 degrees Celsius. Froslass is a bit shy and quiet but is really quite a nICE person. She only seems cold on the outside, but on the inside, she's warm as a...not ice thing. However, she hasn't learned to properly control Ice Ice Baby so she might make a few mistakes here and there...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have You Ever Tripped Over Nothing?

Today, we're going to look at a Pokemon based off of a Japanese youkai that's less well-known than most. The Tsuchinoko (Earth Child) is a short, fat, land snake whose body is thicker than its head. It's said to be venomous but other than that, it's not really dangerous at all. The Tsuchinoko is less like the legendary Pegasus or Tengu and more like the controversial Bigfoot or Nessie. That is to say, it's like one of those mythical creatures that people think they see and then report to cryptozoologists. It's not very spectacular and similarly, the Pokemon it inspired isn't very spectacular either, but I still like it:
Pokemon: Dunsparce
Ability: Hole
Hole is an ability that allows the user to generate invisible pits. These pits can come in any shape or size but their depth cannot exceed 1m. On the surface, the pits are completely unnoticeable because they are covered by an illusion of land (Which typically adjusts itself to whatever terrain is surrounding it). It's very useful for incapacitating opponents or performing sneak attacks. A person trapped beneath a pit can still climb out if he/she can find the edge, which should be clearly visible under the surface. While under the surface, the surface itself also becomes see-through, so in a sense, it's like a one-way window. Dunsparce is really quite harmless and won't actively seek to hurt anyone. However, he will prepare invisible pits when he feels the need to sit down and there are no chairs nearby. Any unlucky passer-by who falls into his pit is subjected to stories of his legendary past...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ready! To Die!

Welcome to another weekend of superpowered gijinkas. This week's theme is Pokemon based off Japanese youkai. Now some of you might be familiar with the inspirations for these Pokemon, but I'm going to have to name the youkai anyway for those of you who didn't bother to do any research on the Pokemon. Today's Pokemon is based off the Futakuchi-onna or Two-mouthed Woman (The second mouth is on the back of the head). These youkai are thought to be women who were either starved by their husbands, or neglected their step-children (In which case, the second mouth is actually the spirit of the starved-to-death child infused to the back of the woman's head). Futakuchi-onna are commonly depicted with the mouth surrounded by tendrils of hair that grab surrounding food and insert them into the mouth itself. Now that you have a vague idea on what the Pokemon is based off, meet the Pokemon itself:
Pokemon: Mawile
Ability: Hair Reporter
Hair Reporter is an ability that allows the user to control his/her own hair in terms of length, strength, and durability. The user may make his/her hair longer, shorter, tougher, or more brittle. The user can also control the movement of his/her hair, allowing such things as walking on your own hair ala Dr. Octavius. Mawile may look like a cute little girl, but she is a master of deception. She won't play fair with all that hair; Anyone going up against her should expect tactics like crocodile tears, fake innocence, and making people feel pity towards her. Then, when you approach her to try and comfort her, a giant pair of jaws made from toughened hair comes chomping down on your helpless and totally gullible body. Press everse button to continue.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anybody Up For Some Egg Puns?

It's time to eggsquisitely end this eggstoardinary weekend with another eggsample of a Pokemon with eggstra heads. Eggshibited here is the eggstremely weird but eggscusable eggs of eggsellence which eggsude an aura of eggsquisiteness:
Pokemon: Exeggcute
Ability: Three Faces
Three Faces is an ability that allows the user to generate energy beams from mask openings. Commonly, the lasers will be shot out of the eye holes but they can also erupt from nose holes, mouth holes, ear holes (For those masks that cover the entire head), and decorative holes. Holes that appear due to damage are not exempt from the list, so damaging the masks is not advisable. The lasers are formed from condensed, high-energy light waves and are able to burn through most materials with relative ease. However, maintaining the beams constant stream requires copious amounts of energy and stamina, so users are advised to shoot the lasers in short bursts instead. Exeggcute isn't aware of the energy consumption, so she tends to continue lasering the hell out of whatever irritates her (Exhausting herself in the process). Try not to call her a girl, she doesn't like it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Heads Are Better Than Two

Togashi's style may seem simplistic, but it's rather hard to emulate...Anyway, today's Pokemon is the mole whose bottom half has never been seen before:
Pokemon: Dugtrio
Ability: The Killing Road
The Killing Road is an ability that allows the user to produce pillars of stone/soil/whatever the ground is currently made of by sending an impact through the ground. The impact can come in the form of a punch, a stomp, or a 5-ton hammer blow. The height of the earth pillar produced is proportional to the amount of force impacting the ground. Bigger impacts create taller pillars. These pillars can be used defensively or offensively (Although amazing timing is required if the user wants to attack with it). Dugtrio enjoys the thrill of fighting, but apparently, not a lot of people want to fight him (Most will stay away. Like, reaaaaally away...). Therefore, he has a somewhat gloomy personality, always thinking about how being strong might not be the best thing ever, even though fighting is fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Don't Care If You Get Black or White

Welcome to another weekend of three gijinkas. This week's theme is Pokemon with more than one head. Today's gijinka looks surprisingly similar to the male protagonist of the 5th Gen games. His ability's name is even the names of the 5th Gen games (Although I originally intended it to reference a certain singer with a liquid nose). It's all purely coincidence, I swear:
Pokemon: Girafarig
Ability: Black Or White
Black Or White is an ability that allows the user to separate people (Including his/herself) into two halves, with one half containing an extreme attribute and the other containing an extreme of the opposite attribute. For example, a moderately intelligent person can be split into a genius and a doofus, or a slightly moral person can be split into a chivalrous hero and an evil menace. To differentiate the two halves, one person will have their clothing in the original color, while the other one will have the clothes' colors inverted (But the body will remain identical, right down to the fingerprints). Do not be fooled, however, because the colors only serve as a differentiator, a person clothed in black is not necessarily evil, and one coated in white is not necessarily righteous. Girafarig uses this ability to make his opponents easier to defeat (Note that when one half receives damage, the other half is damaged in the same area), and sometimes, to give himself an advantage in numbers (Though when he uses it on himself, he tends to go for negligible or trivial attributes, such as obsession with chocolate).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spongebob Would Love This

To end this weekend, I'll be showcasing a gijinka of the Zubat of the seas. You can't surf more than 5 steps without running into one of these guys:
Pokemon: Tentacool
Ability: Jellyfish
Jellyfish is an ability that allows the user to produce airborne jellyfish from their arms. Like normal sea jellies, air jellies have a venomous sting, though the species produced by Jellyfish is only capable of causing painful rashes at most. The bodies of air jellies are composed of 90% air, and they support themselves using the air around them. The don't eat anything, and are produced with enough energy to stay alive for about 10 minutes. Once the time is up, their bodies go limp and float around indefinitely, unless willingly dismissed by the user. Even when dead, the nematocysts on the air jellies' tentacles can sting and inject the irritating venom when touched. Tentacool is eager to creep people out with Jellyfish, but she doesn't usually mean any harm. She just wants to have fun (And see the looks on your faces when you come face-to-face with a jellyfish).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Want A Rock!

Today, we have the annoying cave-dwelling rock Pokemon that appears every few steps you take (Kinda like a Rock-type Zubat):
Pokemon: Geodude
Ability: They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants is an ability that allows the user to change the volume of rocks, without altering their mass. This means he can take a relatively small rock, then increase its size to look really big, but it'll still weigh just as much as a small rock. This makes it useful for creating shields when all you have around you are tiny rocks (The enlarged rocks still have the properties of rock, being tough and hard. Interestingly, the increased volume means enlarged rocks can float on water due to lowered densities). Inversely, the user can take a large rock, and shrink it to reduce the amount of air resistance acting on it, creating a dangerous projectile. It will still weigh as much as a large rock though, so the user can't use rocks that are too large. Geodude uses the rock-enlarging ability to impress the ladies (With fake stunts), and the rock-shrinking ability to perform super vandalism and gain respect among other street hoodlums. Despite this, he does have a heart of gold buried within him...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nananananananananananananananana BATMAN!!

This weekend, I'll be showcasing gijinkas of the three most annoying Pokemon in the history of Pokemon. Let's start off with the goddamn bat:
Pokemon: Zubat
Ability: Blindmelon
Blindmelon is an ability that allows the user to take away a person's sense of vision. It basically makes people go blind, unable to see anything, not even their fingers held up to their face. It can affect as many people as the user wants, so it's pretty annoying. Zubat himself is completely blind, but like all the other blind people you see in movies, his sense of hearing is sharpened to the max. He uses Blindmelon to make his opponents see the same thing he does - Absolutely nothing. He also doesn't wear shoes so that he can feel what he's walking on. Sometimes, he just blinds people to be a jerk.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daydreaming in Chemistry Class Gives You This

If you guessed this weekend's theme to be "Pokemon that have abilities which prevent the opposing Pokemon from escaping", congratulations! That's exactly what I was going for:
Pokemon: Magnezone
Ability: Gravity
Gravity is an ability that allows the user to cause objects to orbit other objects. A larger object cannot orbit a smaller object. One object can only have a maximum of five other objects orbiting it. The orbits must remain in a two-dimensional plane and be circular, or elliptical. It is possible to cause an object to orbit another object that is also orbiting another object as long as the orbiting bodies fit the criteria mentioned above. The speed of each orbiting object is dependant on the speed at which it enters the orbit, and cannot be consciously manipulated. Magnezone frequently has something orbiting him as a sort of natural shield. If the need arises, he can make people orbit something (Such as himself) to incapacitate and disorientate them. He's aloof for the most part and prefers to do things alone, surfing the Net or designing software in his spare time.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's A Trap!

No, not that kind of trap! This one's a girl:
Pokemon: Trapinch
Ability: Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground is an ability that allows the user to generate an inescapable and indestructible cage around an area. The cage is formed by having the two halves come out from either side of the area to be enclosed and then coming together perfectly at the apex. The entire cage is only a semicircle and can be summoned from any sufficiently large surface (Even vertical walls). If the cage has to go through something to close up, it will phase through it harmlessly. Anything within the cage cannot be harmed by anything from outside, and the same holds true vice-versa. The gaps in the cage serve only as a window and lets only light, sound, and air pass through. Anything else will just bump into the gaps as though there is a sheet of glass there. The inside of the cage is lined with spikes to prevent people from attempting to escape. Trapinch seems innocent enough, but she has some really crazy ideas for games. And nobody can escape her...

Friday, July 2, 2010

So~nano ka?

For this weekend, I'll be showcasing three gijinkas whose original Pokemon have something in common. Let's see if anyone can find out what it is before the weekend ends.
It's gonna take a while for me to get used to this new pencil...:
Pokemon: Wobbuffet
Ability: You Too
You Too is an ability that allows the user to redirect any and all attacks targeting him, regardless of whether they're physical or not. There is, however, one type of attack that he cannot redirect: Attacks that have no trajectory or flight path. This usually means mental attacks that directly target the opponent's mind instead of following any specific path. Any other attacks, ranging from punches to sonar beams, can be redirected as long as the user remains completely motionless. Another condition that must be fulfilled to activate You Too is gripping firmly something that is connected to your body. Wobbuffet usually chooses to grip his black belt because it is easier to reach for. When an attack enters the user's body, he/she can choose where on their body he/she wants it to exit and at what angle. Wobbuffet is very wary of his surroundings (To the point of being paranoid) and may sometimes activate You Too for no reason other than "It felt like he was being targeted".