Monday, May 31, 2010

If You Thought I was Lazy Before, Wait Till You See (Or Don't See) This

I think I'm paying too much attention to the 2nd Generation Pokemon...I should do something from another region next:
Pokemon: Ampharos
Ability: Flashing Lights
Flashing Lights is an ability that allows the user to produce an intense flash of bright light from the body. However, the flash cannot be concentrated into originating from a specific body part; The light always flashes from the entire body. The flash lasts no longer than a second, disorientating anyone who is unlucky enough to witness it without proper eye protection. Flashing rapidly can cause seizures in sensitive people. Ampharos is slightly absent-minded and sometimes, she just activates her ability for no reason...She usually doesn't realize it until she notices people walking funnily around her.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Like The Shadow's Serpent, Silence is My Veil~

With the precision, of a cobra, ninjas kill and leave no trail~:
Pokemon: Umbreon
Ability: Moonshadow
Moonshadow is an ability that allows the user to turn into shadows. In a sense, this is the only way a shadow can exist without anything to cast it. At first glance, it may seem similar to Shadowgate, but there are great differences. Shadowgate does not turn the user into shadows, it merely allows them to use shadows as gateways. Moonshadow does not allow the user to teleport around places; it only turns the user into shadows, an intangible absence of light. The only way to hurt the user while in he/she's in shadow form is to use your own shadow to fight. Umbreon uses this ability to do petty crimes (Such as replacing coffee with apple juice), so he's always being chased after by the cops.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


What kind of evil witch is weak to WATER? Anyway, here's a very recent addition to my sketchbook:
Pokemon: Shuckle
Ability: Melt
Melt is an ability that...well, melts things. There is only one condition: The user must place both hands, palm facing inwards, onto the object that the user wishes to melt. Otherwise, Melt has no effect. Additionally, the liquefaction process is not instant, melting at a constant rate of 5g of matter per second for all objects. The liquid produced has the consistency and other properties of water, and the transformation is permanent. Shuckle dislikes conflict and prefers to stay out of it as much as possible. She seldom uses Melt except when she's in charge of making fruit juice. She really likes fruit juice.

Friday, May 28, 2010

*Insert Ievan Polkka Here*

This is one of the few guys whose backstory is actually pretty well thought out. Interestingly, my first idea for a Farfetch'd gijinka was a girl. She evolved with time:
Pokemon: Farfetch'd
Ability: Black-Eyed Peas
Black-Eyed Peas is an ability that allows the user to absorb and store damage in vegetables. Here, we use the scientific definition of vegetables, which means no tomatoes (Or chilies, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins...). By having a vegetable make contact with an injured person, the person's injury can be stored in the vegetable, effectively healing him. The next person touched by the vegetable will then inherit the injury from the other person. Each vegetable can only store one type of damage, which means if you want to fully utilize Black-Eyed Peas capabilities, you need to wait until you've received monstrous damage before you suck it all into a vegetable at once. Separate pieces of vegetables can each be considered a separate vegetable and store one injury each. A vegetable that is already storing an injury will lose that injury if it is chopped, sliced, or made into separate pieces somehow. Black-Eyed Peas does not work on dead people. Farfetch'd uses his ability to heal people that he pass by. He also cooks up something nice for them if they're hungry (But the leek he carries around with him tends to make hungry people mistake him for a duck...for some odd reason...).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now, How Would One Go About Fighting With Flowers?

I really should be doing my homework...:
Pokemon: Roserade
Ability: Guns And Roses
Guns And Roses is an ability that allows the user to bloom flowers of all kinds on any solid surface. This may seem pretty useless at first, but it's actually quite devastating. Besides distracting the opponent with a sudden blossom of flowers somewhere while the user moves in for the killing blow, Guns And Roses also allows the user to bloom flowers on the opponent's face, blocking his/her vision. Occasionally, Roserade blooms Rafflesia flowers or Corpse flowers to use as shields or giant presses. She doesn't like doing that though since all the really big and heavy flowers incidentally smell like dead people.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Around The World Around The World Around The World Around The World...

If you look hard enough, you'll find Kamina's epicglasses:
Pokemon: Swampert
Ability: Around The World
Around The World is an ability that allows the user to summon a land-sea vehicle. There is only one type of land-sea vehicle Around The World can summon (Swampert aptly named it the Sea Goat), and it takes the form of a really big motorcycle. (Awkwardly, although by definition, Lucky Star's Capricorn ability is the same as Around The World, it summons a different land-sea vehicle.) Swampert uses Around The World to get around town, impressing the ladies and the men (We have no proof, but we think he's a bisexual). It also comes in handy during combat, providing him with an unconventional means of fighting.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Should Be All The Colors of The Power Rangers, Right?

I can't remember, I was young:
Pokemon: Scizor
Ability: Five Iron Frenzy
Five Iron Frenzy is an ability that allows the user to access five different (Okay, they're actually completely identical except for their color...) suits of armor. Each suit provides a special attribute to the user, depending on the color. The red suit (Attack Dynamic Suit) increases the user's strength to its maximum. The blue suit (Juggernaut Guard Suit) maximizes the user's endurance and completely prevents flinching. The green suit (Godspeed Runner Suit) allows the user to run really really fast. The yellow suit (Sparkling Killer Suit) blinds opponents with its flashiness. The faggot pink suit (Fabulous Charm Suit) causes every living individual in the vicinity to have the hots for the user. Scizor doesn't use the Fabulous Charm Suit much because he finds little use in making people fawn over him (And because it's pink. He HATES pink).

Monday, May 24, 2010

If You Stare At The Moon, You'll Go INSAAAANE!!!!

If you noticed her boobs first, you're either a guy or a lesbian. That hat is surely more noticeable:
Pokemon: Cresselia
Ability: Dream Theater
Dream Theater is an ability that has been overused to the max in both Naruto and Bleach. If you guessed illusions, congratulations, you've got it right! Dream Theater allows the user to conjure illusions of the visual type. It cannot conjure sounds, smells, tastes, or 'spirit senses'. Dream Theater simply plants fake pictures on the target's retina to make them see things that are not there. This means that the user of Dream Theater is able to make different targets see different things, further confusing them. Cresselia has a kind heart so she usually creates fun illusions for little children. However, if you agitate her, you will see loads and loads of mind screwing imagery that will pretty much screw your mind. No, she does not troll people.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All of A Sudden, BEES! Millions of Them!!

If I could draw a million bees, I'd draw a million bees:
Pokemon: Vespiquen
Ability: Disturbia
Disturbia is an ability that allows the user to control the minds of other creatures. This is not limited to just bees, as the picture above would have you believe. Disturbia can affect any other multicellular organism, including humans. An organism can only be controlled for a maximum of one minute, after which Disturbia automatically loses its effect. Vespiquen just has a fondness for bees. They can kill y'know. Occasionally, she'll mind control a human or two but she finds it more amusing to see people writhing in pain from bee stings. A bee enthusiast and sadist.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nobody Enjoys Surprise Butt Smacks

Meet the gay baseball player (Not related to the unlucky pilot). Then meet the guy he's trying to flirt with:
Pokemon: Absol
Ability: White Zombie
White Zombie is an ability that allows the user to remove the force from an object hitting him/her and expel it elsewhere. Traditionally, the force is passed into the ground through the feet, but expelling the force through the hands and any other part of the body is also possible. In fact, it's probably the best way to utilize White Zombie during combat. Absol tends to use the second method a lot, to the point that he does it instinctively. He's also not very familiar with American culture (He comes from Arabia. Don't ask why I decided to give Yin Yang powers to an Arabian).

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is The Skin of A Killer! *sparkles*

Just for the record, I'm not particularly fond of the novel itself. I only took the name because it sounded cool, I didn't read the novel at all. I mean come on, you know you're doing something wrong when the actors actually despise acting out your characters...Still, it's a lot of fun referencing gay sparkling vampires:
Pokemon: Xatu
Ability: Twilight
Twilight allows the user to gaze into the immediate and distant future; From predicting the opponent's next attack to learning about the fate of your best friend, Twilight will allow the user to see it as long as it has not yet happened. However, the future after the user's death cannot be accessed by Twilight. When the ability is used, the selected scene plays out in front of the user's eyes for only the user to see. It is a potentially useful ability, but it has its drawbacks. Thanks to Twilight, Xatu now realizes the concepts of "Truth" and "Fate" that she cannot escape. Every time she activates Twilight, she sees a greatly depressing picture. Her mind has broken, accepting that fate cannot be changed and that she is completely powerless, unable to escape from the inevitable pain and suffering of life. It's a very depressing ability really...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Activated StickyKeys Just So I Can Draw It

There's a game out there that actually lets you shoot StickyKeys to death:
Pokemon: Porygon
Ability: Eight Bit Theater
Eight Bit Theater is an ability that...Ok, how do I go about explaining this? Just imagine that the user becomes a mouse; The right hand is used to right-click and the left hand for left-clicking. Eight Bit Theater allows the user to create computer pop-up menu things or windows and stuff. Menus don't necessarily have to pop out from the point of the finger used; They can pop out from anywhere that the finger points, making it extremely useful for ranged combat. Windows, on the other hand, are created by aiming at the desired area with any of the user's palms. The windows and menus, despite looking deceptively sharp, can't cut through objects, only smashing them instead. Porygon enjoys playing with his ability very much, since he can now fight back against bullies (With a face like that, it's no wonder...) with StickyKeys, AntiVirus software and Start menus.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Saves Tabs and Downloads

If you haven't noticed a pattern with the Eeveelutions abilities by now, there's something wrong with you:
Pokemon: Flareon
Ability: Firefox
Firefox is my default browser. Besides that, it is also an ability that allows the user to turn into fire. One should note that Firefox strictly only allows the user to turn into fire, not control it, not produce it, just turn into it. This means that Firefox is classified as a defensive ability rather than an offensive one. This doesn't stop Flareon from using it offensively though; Under pressure, Flareon can turn into an intense amount of flames that can potentially heat up an entire room to deadly temperatures quick as a flash. Luckily for most people, Flareon is essentially kind-hearted and cares about the well-being of others much more than his own self.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It was Once Believed That Mirrors are Evil

Now I have proof (I'm really starting to hate that light blue color pencil...):
Pokemon: Pachirisu
Ability: Frank Zapper
Frank Zapper is an ability that allows the user to shoot jolts of electricity from reflective surfaces. Mirrors, lenses, tinted windows, water, even a person's eyeballs are subject to Frank Zapper. It doesn't even have to be a surface, as long as it reflects light. This means that under certain conditions, Frank Zapper can also shoot electricity from the sky (Total internal reflection is to blame. It's also the cause of mirages). Pachirisu hasn't fully mastered Frank Zapper yet, so she's kind of weary around reflective surfaces, especially bathrooms. She actually seems to have developed a phobia of bathrooms...I wonder what that would be called?

Monday, May 17, 2010

His Mouth is There, You Just Gotta Look Real Hard...

...No wait, I didn't draw his mouth. Never mind:
Pokemon: Forretress
Ability: Team Fortress
Team Fortress is a massive multiplayer online...I mean, it's an ability that allows the user to coat anything solid in a layer of iron. This is done mainly as a form of reinforcement. For example, the above picture shows Forretress using Team Fortress to protect him from falling debris (That would have otherwise destroyed the fragile tree) and insults (That would have otherwise destroyed the fragile tree's mind...Wait, what?). The iron layer disappears after a while (Or when the user wills it). If used on a person, it completely seals off all movement and stops breathing for as long as it's in effect, so it's quite unnerving. Forretress uses Team Fortress on himself sometimes to guard against attacks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do a Barrel Roll!

Damn, his pants aren't supposed to be THAT light...They're supposed to be light blue. Anyway, this guy has been swimming around in my head as the main character to an adventure story of some sort. I've got the characters, but no story yet...And no, I don't plan on following Bleach's route:
Pokemon: Masquerain
Ability: In The Air
In The Air is an ability that provides unconditional flight to the user. There is no need for wings, control of wind, or control over forces to fly with In The Air. Apparently, it works by creating an anti-gravity aura around the user, and expelling force in a certain direction to let the user move in the opposite direction. This force will only affect the user, so he/she can't push anything away with In The Air, all he/she can do is fly around. Masquerain uses this ability to...well, fly around. He enjoys the feeling of freedom and the wind in his face, but doesn't like flying cross-country since it uses too much time and tends to bore him. He prefers doing acrobatics in the air and stuff.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yours is The Drill That Will Pierce The Heavens

Okay, it's actually more of a giant lance than a drill but it still pierces the heavens:
Pokemon: Beedrill
Ability: Bee Gee
Bee Gee is an ability that allows the user to fire needles from weapons. Incidentally, Bee Gee is not limited to the user's own weapon, being able to fire needles from the opponent's or a partner's weapons as well. Additionally, the needles don't necessarily have to be ejected from the front or tip of the weapon, and can be fired from any part of the weapon (Making it dangerous for enemies that wield weapons). Beedrill is, for the most part, conservative with her (What? You thought she was a guy?) ability, only using it when she really needs to. Sometimes though, she'll just let loose all her anger by firing at the sky. This doesn't usually cause anything drastic (Except this one time she shot down a fighter jet...that belonged to the same guy who had his helicopter sliced up by rainbows. He's considering retirement).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Invisibility is Tied with X-Ray Vision for Most Perverted Power

I'm sure most guys (And some girls) will choose to do this if they could turn invisible:
Pokemon: Kecleon
Ability: Chameleon Air
Chameleon Air is an ability that allows the user to turn invisible by bending light around him/herself. The problem with invisibility is that because light is bent away from the user, no light will enter the eyes, resulting in the inability to see anything. Kecleon decided to allow light into his eyes, thus rendering them visible (He also keeps his glasses visible just so he can see things...He's near-sighted) and allowing him to see while the rest of his body is invisible. Of course, this makes him easy to detect, but he thinks that most people won't notice the ominously levitating glasses anyway. He uses Chameleon Air to do what any teenage boy would do: Steal money. Oh, and sometimes, he peeks on girls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

She's Watching You Masturbate...

And she likes it...that pervert...:
Pokemon: Sneasel
Ability: Shadowgate
Shadowgate is an ability that allows the user to teleport between shadows. However, Shadowgate will not work if the user tries to enter his/her own shadow. After entering a shadow, the user is able to teleport to any shadow within ten metres from the entry point. Shadowgate is most effective during nighttime, when the user is under the shadow of the Earth. During this period, the user may teleport anytime, at any place due to the entire area being covered by a humongous shadow (Of course, brightly lit rooms are off limits unless a shadow is cast somewhere in there). If the user attempts to emerge from a shadow that is cast in a way that a body would not fit in the adjacent space, only part of the body may emerge (If there is ample space but the shadow's shape doesn't support the user's body shape, it is still accessible). If you haven't guessed, Sneasel uses Shadowgate to fulfill her teenage fantasies. Slightly perverted teenage fantasies...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Like...I just realized I didn't draw much of his power...whatever:
Pokemon: Spiritomb
Ability: Resident Evil
Resident Evil is an ability that allows the user to summon one of 108 spirits. Each spirit has different properties, ranging from offensive types to defensive to supportive types (And at least one completely useless totally ordinary spirit that does absolutely nothing). Spirits 1-36 are offensive, 37-72 are defensive, 73-108 are supportive. I'm not going to list out every single one of them this time...That's just too much. Spiritomb is...well, evil. He uses Resident Evil to do totally evil things (Like stealing bikes. And destroying cars. And tipping cows). So yeah, he's just being evil for fun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prepare for Trouble, and Make It Double

I'd put the entire Team Rocket poem here but I forgot most of it...Anyway, today I'm doing a Team Rocket Special (For no reason whatsoever), starting off with Jessie's first Pokemon:
Pokemon: Ekans
Ability: Chemical Romance
Chemical Romance allows the user to spit a very corrosive acid (Fluoroantimonic acid) that can melt away most objects in a few minutes (Even the vapors are corrosive, but that applies to almost all acids). This stuff is dangerous to humans, and even the user must be careful not to accidentally melt his/herself as Chemical Romance does not provide immunity to the acid produced. Ekans is well aware of this, so she only uses Chemical Romance when she really needs to. Other times, she wrestles.

Next up, James highly explosive poison ball:
Pokemon: Koffing
Ability: Pepper
Pepper is an ability that allows the user to stop time for a period of three seconds after a sneeze. Yeah...It's a pretty weird requirement for stopping time, but it works...This ability is so specific, there's not really much to elaborate on it. Koffing usually keeps some pepper with him, in case he needs to stop time for whatever reason. It may not seem like much, but three seconds can be really long...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bubbles are (is) Hardcore!

I'm late!! The modem just HAD to pick today to break down and require fixing...I was planning a Team Rocket special for today, but looks like I'll have to postpone that one to tomorrow:
Pokemon: Buizel
Ability: Bubbly
Bubbly is an ability that allows the user to produce explosive bubbles. How are the bubbles explosive? It's simple really: The user's sweat pores will produce a watery film covering the skin, and then inserts gas into the water film to produce bubbles. The high velocity of the gas and the angle at which it is released into the bubble cause the gas to spiral violently within the bubble while leaving the outer surface relatively stable. Once the bubbles burst, the contained energy is released all at once, resulting in a miniature explosion...Looking back, it probably wasn't really that simple. Buizel is a playful little boy and, surprisingly, he has learned how to control the explosive power of his bubbles. He produces harmless bubbles to play around with, and slightly explosive ones to play pranks. The really explosive ones are used for combat.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pigeon Hats aren't Really a Good Idea

Today is Mother's Day, so why not honor the occasion with a motherly Pokemon? The character derived from it isn't very motherly though:
Pokemon: Kangaskhan
Ability: Slipknot
Slipknot is an ability that allows the user to fuse any two objects together. It basically creates hybrids of anything. The picture above shows a pigeon hat, a spoon cup, and a news teddy. Slipknot even allows the fusing of human with human (Fu~sion~HAAAA!!), or human with non-human. The only limitation is that it can only work on solids and only lasts 24 hours. With Slipknot, Kangaskhan can have a lot of fun, creating things like vampires, werewolves, and anything else she might have read in a sparkling teen's novel. She's also a rollerblader and can use those blades to seriously hurt people's faces. Don't diss her novels is all I can say.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fish are Friends, Not Food

Okay, so time is really starting to become a problem for me...with school about to start, I'm not sure if I can keep this up. I might have to go weekly...but not now. For now, I'll keep trying to be daily:
Pokemon: Milotic
Ability: Fish
Fish (Possibly the shortest name in my ability directory) is an ability that allwos the user to communicate with all sea creatures. The name is a bit misleading; The user is not limited to only talking with fish. Dolphins, whales, seals, and manatees will all be able to understand the user of Fish as well. Milotic...has little use for this ability really...But, since she spends a lot of time at the beach (Without getting tanned...She must be using ultra super special awesome sunblock or something...), she uses Fish to make a few underwater friends. Milotic considers herself the most beautiful person in town, while her sister is...You'll see her one day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Now I Know My ABC's, Next Time Won't You Bug Someone Else?

Due to a combination of time management issues, unexpected occurrences, expected occurrences, and lousy connection, today's post is very very late:
Pokemon: Unown
Ability: Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum (Possibly the longest name in my ability directory) is an ability that gives the user 26 powers to choose from, but only one can be used at any given time. The abilities are as follows: A(Angry)-Turn into human bomb; B(Bear)-Be invincible as long as not moving; C(Chase)-Any thrown object will hit its target; D(Direct)-Create arrows that instantly change the direction of anything that touches them; E(Engage)-Cause opponents to repeat actions; F(Find)-Create invisible items; G(Give)-Produce boxes with differing effects; H(Help)-Summon zombies by shrieking; I(Increase)-Enhance any one physical quality to its maximum; J(Join)-Fuse two objects together; K(Keep)-Protect against any one thing at a time; L(Laugh)-Cause sudden outbursts of laughter from opponent; M(Make)-Become a bionic cyborg; N(Nuzzle)-Absorb energy through skin contact; O(Observe)-See the future; P(Perform)-Summon a performing stage; Q(Quicken)-Increase movement speed; R(Reassure)-Read minds; S(Search)-Locate anything; T(Tell)-Can create sonic booms; U(Undo)-Go back five seconds in time; V(Vanish)-Can turn invisible; W(Want)-Can summon anything if a twinkle is seen after wishing; X(Xxxxx)-Cancels opponent's ability; Y(Yield)-Can stop time for three seconds after sneezing; Z(Zoom)-Can spurt fire from feet. If you managed to read through all that and remember it all then congratulations. Even Unown still has trouble trying to remember what all his choices do, resulting in some pretty stupid decisions. The only one he remembers for sure is Xxxxx because of its usefulness...Hey, did you really just read through all that?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Space Pirates!

That building was set for demolition anyway:
Pokemon: Mantine
Ability: Lead Zeppelin
Lead Zeppelin is an ability that allows the user to levitate marine forms of transportation. In short, it makes boats fly. The most basic use of Lead Zeppelin is crashing ships into your enemies, but it can also be a very efficient means of transportation. Any vehicle under the effect of Lead Zeppelin does not require fuel to move so it's pretty handy in this century. The vehicle's movement is also pretty flexible, being able to move sideways or even move vertically should the need arise. When Mantine isn't out ferrying people, he's usually being called in for demolition service.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder has Its Benefits...

It's that orange smudge again! So it's on the scanner's screen:
Pokemon: Starmie
Ability: Lucky Star
Lucky Star allows the user to obtain one of twelve powers relating to the western zodiac. If the user wishes to switch powers, he/she must first transform back into the neutral form before summoning another power. The provided abilities are as follows: Aries-Spitting laser beams; Taurus-Super strength; Gemini-Cloning of self; Cancer-Left hand headlock and right hand guillotine blade; Leo-Coat of fire; Virgo-Telekinesis; Libra-Copy opponent's abilities; Scorpio-Poison sting armor; Sagittarius-Turn into centaur; Capricorn-Summon land-sea vehicle; Aquarius-Hydrokinesis (Control over water); Pisces-Summon a controllable edged blade. As you might have guessed, Starmie suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If You Could Hug a Tree, Would You?

The dryad is a beautiful creature:
Pokemon: Leafeon
Ability: Through The Looking Grass
Through The Looking Grass is an ability that allows the user to turn into plant matter. For defensive purposes, the user can transform into a sturdy tree to block damage, or turn into a bunch of leaves which can dissipate and reform somewhere else. Leafeon has discovered an offensive property of Through The Looking Grass: By turning part of her body into something hard and heavy (such as a tree trunk or a tree branch) or something thorny (such as a cactus or acacia branch. God help you if she decides to attack between your legs) and attacking. She can also turn her hands into vines to wrangle opponents and so on. For support, she can turn parts of herself into medicinal plants to help out teammates, but doing so causes her to lose a part of her body (she has enough control over Through The Looking Grass that most of the time, the missing part is either hair or clothes...depending on how horny she is feeling at the time).

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Tears are Pouring and Your Eyes are The Size of The Moon

People are always complaining about the heat:
Pokemon: Solrock
Ability: Four In The Morning
Four In The Morning (Yes, the "i" is capitalized) allows the user to shoot sunny lasers from the sky, provided it's sunny and it's daytime. Sunny lasers possess the properties of fire, which means they'll burn things. If the sun is being hidden behind clouds, or if it's nighttime, Four In The Morning will fail to activate. Solrock uses martial arts at night if she's alone, but you'll usually find her with this guy:
Pokemon: Lunatone
Ability: Nine In The Afternoon
Nine In The Afternoon allows the user to shoot lunar lasers from the sky, provided the moon is out and it's nighttime. Lunar lasers possess the properties of fire (Surprise!) which means they'll burn things. If the moon is hidden behind clouds, or if it's a new moon night, or if it's daytime, Nine In The Afternoon will fail to activate. Lunatone uses martial arts in the day if he's alone, but you'll usually find him with Solrock. Among the two of them, they tend to argue over who gets to be the leader. Solrock believes she should be the leader because her powers are associated with the sun, and the sun is what allows the moon to shine. Lunatone believes he should be the leader because he's a guy (He's a bit sexist). This point tends to fail so Solrock is leading most of the time.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Stab a Person with a Spoon

Step one, get this guy:
Pokemon: Octillery
Ability: Hitman
Hitman is an ability that provides the user with supernatural accuracy. Once the user has determined a target, anything he throws will home in on that target without fail. It's a straightforward ability (even if the knives don't go straight forward) and simple to use. One way of escaping Hitman is to destroy or somehow damage the "bullets" or whatever it is the user throws. Beating up the user works fine as well. Octillery doesn't use Hitman much because he never really sees any need to do so. Unless you annoy him...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Do You Like Chemistry? No? ...

Hm...I'm gonna need to practice drawing rain a bit more:
Pokemon: Bronzong
Ability: The Elements
The Elements is an ability that allows the user to manipulate and alter the composition of metals and alloys. Simply put, it allows people to turn one metal into another metal. The Elements can also force the separation of an alloy into its basic components (which is required if the user wishes to change the metals since they can't alter the metal while it's still in an alloy). At first glance, this ability seems somewhat useless...But Bronzong has developed a method of fully utilizing The Elements' abilities. She possess an oversized sword made completely out of bronze. She is able to change it to aluminum to make it lighter to swing, then switch it to something heavy like iron for maximum force. When rain is in effect, she can opt for something reactive like potassium. If she's feeling really bold, she could go for something like plumbum (which is poisonous) or uranium (which is nuclear). Knowledge is power!