Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well Whaddya Know, It's Halloween Today

There's a pretty large gap between my last blog post and this one...But that doesn't matter, right? Today's gijinka is based off a particularly eerie Pokemon. The sole inhabitant of the Lost World and ruler of anti-matter:
Pokemon: Giratina
Ability: Mystery Science Theater
Mystery Science Theater is an ability that allows the user to produce anti-matter particles. Anti-matter, in the simplest sense, is negative matter. When equal amounts of matter and anti-matter collide, they result in zero matter (And quite a bit of energy). The problem faced by users of Mystery Science Theater is that since air constitutes as matter (All matter is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons so it doesn't matter if the anti-matter counterpart is of a different element as long as it contains anti-protons, anti-neutrons, and anti-electrons), the anti-matter they produce will be negated pretty quickly. When using Mystery Science Theater, the user's clothes are changed (At the area where anti-matter is contacting the body) into a special material consisting of a layer of matter and a layer of anti-matter separated by a thin vacuum. Though it is possible to surround oneself with anti-matter, it is not recommended since you won't be able to breathe in such a condition. Giratina is very very careful with his ability and is usually reluctant to use it unless absolutely required. Despite this, he is still quite smug and tends to intimidate his enemies with threats of his power, though he rarely ever activates Mystery Science Theater.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's A Bit Early For Halloween, Ain't It?

I didn't think I'd be back in two days...Oh well, this blog is fun, so why not? Today's gijinka is based off the bringer of nightmares, and the only Dark-type legendary Pokemon. His ability also draws inspiration from the infamous F.E.A.R. strategy in name only:
Pokemon: Darkrai
Ability: Gives You Hell
Gives You Hell is an ability that allows the user to manifest the fears of anyone nearby. The range is about 5 meters in all directions. A materialized fear will act as though it were real and solid (Unless the fear is something that can't be solid, such as darkness or heights) and will also be defeatable (Though the user can just respawn another one if the first fear is erased). Immaterial fears such as darkness and heights will be manifested as environmental changes where possible. Death, on the other hand, will be manifested differently depending on whose death is feared. If the target fears his/her own death, they will be shown a projection of their own funeral. If the target fears the death of someone else, then that someone else will be turned into a zombie if close by (If not, then a similar zombie will just be summoned). Darkrai likes to abuse his power to harass people with their own fears. He especially prefers non-solid fears due to their undefeatable nature. He is completely full of himself and claims to fear absolutely nothing...And for the most part, he really does fear nothing. That is to say, he actually fears the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

Friday, October 8, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

While everyone else is studying their butts off for the examinations, I'm here doing this...Anyway, today's gijinka is based off a legendary Pokemon who was subsequently based off the Japanese Tanabata festival. In the movies, it was used to materialize a giant Groudon while in the manga, it materialized a giant Kyogre...How ironic...:
Pokemon: Jirachi
Ability: Nightwish
Nightwish is standard object-materializing ability with a somewhat unconventional activation requirement. To activate Nightwish, the user must have the coveted item pictured in his/her mind, and must then see a flash of light. The weakness of this power is that if there isn't a light source nearby, this ability is near useless. However, if even one object is successfully summoned, this ability can be chained because the summoned object will be momentarily surrounded by sparkling light, perfect for activating Nightwish again (As long as the user can imagine the items fast enough). Jirachi loves using this ability anytime she wants, usually materializing toys for herself to play with. She wears a golden silk sash (Not really made of gold, since that'd be too heavy, but still sparkly enough) that she can glance at anytime if she ever wants to use Nightwish. Of course, the items disappear after a while so she gets upset a lot...