Friday, April 30, 2010

Why are The Chaotic Ones Always More Fun to Draw?

His skin is grey. I don't know why...:
Pokemon: Garchomp
Ability: King Missile
King Missile is an awkwardly specific ability of the transformation kind. It allows the user to shoot torpedoes from soda cans. A simple yet destructive ability indeed. Garchomp utilizes this ability by wearing one of those hat things that let you put soda cans on both sides which you always see in baseball games. It's slightly modified so that it's not too heavy for Garchomp to wear and move around agilely. They're also able to rotate 90 degrees to aim in front of Garchomp, further increasing King Missile's flexibility and range. Garchomp uses this ability to...What else? Blow stuff up. For fun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Games are Fun, Some are Boring, Others are Just Frustrating

I wonder why they call it tic-tac-toe...:
Pokemon: Togetic
Ability: Tic Tac
Tic Tac allows the user to lay down a tic-tac-toe grid on wherever there is a fight involving the user. This grid cannot be erased unless the user wills it. The user can then choose where to place crosses and circles until either the grid is full or there is a three-in-a-row (It always begins with the cross). A person standing on a cross area will feel sad, angry and depressed, losing the ability to think straight without contemplating giving up; A person standing on a circle area will be happy, overconfident and careless, losing much of their attention span and getting easily distracted. Needless to say, standing on any square is not a good idea. Incidentally, the user is not affected by these emotion modifiers. Togetic likes playing around with this power, but she never means any harm. She just thinks it's amusing to watch people complain about their life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oops, I Think I Did It Again...

It's pretty tricky to get a guy to look good with both an almost-mohawk and a shirt with a skirt extension:
Pokemon: Gallade
Ability: British Spears
British Spears is a mutation type ability, providing the user with retractable elbow blades made from the user's own bone (and coated with a smooth lining of emerald for a glittering finish). The elbow blades are also coated with a blood-clotting substance that instantly hardens blood around the wound when the blades are extended. This prevents Gallade from dying from blood loss, but it also has the same effect on enemies cut by the elbow blade. Gallade is a merciful person though and rarely attacks people with the intention to kill. He's more of a chivalrous gentleman hero who looks out for the ladies first and everyone else next.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She is Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I miss the old cartoons where heavy things would fall on little people/coyotes:
Pokemon: Corsola
Ability: Cranberries
Cranberries allows the user to turn him/herself into any inanimate object he/she can think of. While as an inanimate object, the user still has full consciousness, but limited movement. Typically, movement is restricted to however the object that the user turns into can usually move (For example, if the user turns into a helicopter, they can fly around like a normal helicopter, but if they turn into a spoon, they can't move). Corsola usually enjoys turning into heavy objects and crushing her opponents under the weight, but she also uses Cranberries to travel long distances (usually in the form of an attack helicopter). She doesn't like moving much and prefers lazing about on the couch, watching TV...

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Hate Your Guts; I Hate Your Guts Too

Another week has passed...This calls for another double issue. Today, we start off with a self-proclaimed exotic gourmand:
Pokemon: Zangoose
Ability: White Ninja
White Ninja pretty much enhances the user's immunity system to maximum and further. It turns the user into a walking antidote to everything. In other words, White Ninja grants immunity to every single type of poison, toxin, and disease in the world. This has allowed Zangoose to feast on foods that would be considered poisonous to most people, such as fugu (Japanese puffer fish, well-known as a deadly poisonous dish) and various poisonous mushrooms. Zangoose is also able to drink massive quantities of liquor without suffering from alcohol poisoning (but he'll still get drunk...and he'll get drunk fast). Note: White Ninja does not make Zangoose immune to pain. A snake bite will still hurt like hell.

And now, the maniacal treasure hoarder:
Pokemon: Seviper
Ability: Poison Back
Poison Back allows the user to produce sharp, poisonous scales from his bare skin. The scales possess a toxin known as haemotoxin, which coagulates blood to cause swelling and extreme pain. The scales can be shed to turn them into projectiles or apply them on weapons (such as the Crimson Viper Tail wielded by Seviper) to increase the dangerousness of the weapon. Seviper and Zangoose have been rivals for as long as they've known each other. The scars on each of their faces and torso are caused by the other person and they're what remind them of the eternal feud that they were destined to fight. Zangoose is the cold and calculative type whereas Seviper prefers free and spontaneous fighting. As of now, both are still equally matched.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dude...Like, Chill Out Man~

Thank you for saving me, but our princess is in another goddamn castle:
Pokemon: Breloom
Ability: Princess Toadstool
Princess Toadstool allows the user to produce mushrooms from the skin. That's right, mushrooms. These mushrooms are able to pass their toxins into another person's bloodstream by melding with their skin so it's really not a good idea to touch one of these mushrooms with your bare hands. Depending on the mushroom produced, a myriad of "special effects" can be induced in the target, ranging from diarrhea to groovy hallucinations of an Italian plumber. Breloom uses Princess Toadstool to incapacitate anyone she doesn't like, but she also sells hallucinogenic mushrooms to people who are willing (or crazy enough) to purchase and consume them. Breloom finds the random babbling and silly actions of the affected people...amusing, though she will never attempt to consume any mushroom herself.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Speeding is a Criminal Offense Punishable by Crashing and Burning

It's hard to say I'd rather be awake when I'm asleep:
Pokemon: Charizard
Ability: Fireflies
Fireflies is an ability that allows the user to generate flames beneath the user's feet. The general application for Fireflies is creating a flame that can produce enough thrust to launch the user into the air. Charizard does this all the time, but he hasn't discovered how to stop yet. Therefore, you can find a lot of human-shaped imprints in the sides of buildings. Another way to use Fireflies is to aim your feet at someone you hate and unleash a tremendous blaze of painful flames.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Pokemon: Jolteon
Ability: Thundercat
Thundercat allows the user to turn into lightning. That's pretty much the simplest explanation and also the most accurate. Jolteon cannot manipulate or control lightning, he can only turn into it. That said, it's not easy to damage Jolteon because of Thundercat; Most physical attacks will pass through him easily. The best way to attack him is to use energy-based attacks, like light or sound or maybe fire, or you can use a powerful insulator of some sort (the ground is most effective). Jolteon has a really hot temper so irritating him can give you a shock.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dance of the Reed Flutes is Perfect for This Character

This little lady uses flower power (that term is so overused...):
Pokemon: Cherrim
Ability: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Perfect Cherry Blossom is an ability that allows the user to give life to flowers. All that is required is a single flower and a bit of sunlight. When Perfect Cherry Blossom activates, the targeted flower blooms madly and multiplies its petals to the point it takes the shape of a humanoid. The humanoid mass of flower petals is capable of movement, thought, and anything else that would make it act like a normal person (except for talking...they can't do that). Cherrim is able to decide what kind of human each flower will bloom into, based on what she feels is right. For example, she generally turns sakura flowers into Japanese samurai, tulips into Holland ladies, and cactus flowers into wild west cowboys.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...I Seem to Enjoy Drawing Broken Items of Luxury...

Never gonna give you up:
Pokemon: Taillow
Ability: Never Gonna Let You Down
The longest name for an ability yet...Never Gonna Let You Down allows the user to make hanging objects turn into falling objects. This is a very specific power; Taillow can't just make anything fall, only hanging things, like chandeliers, coconuts, tree branches, leaves, electric cables, telephone wires, wrecking balls, helicopters (only when they're "hanging in the air"), bats, clothes hangers, ceiling fans...all sorts of things. Never Gonna Let You Down is most dangerous when the target is knocked off balance and left clutching onto the side of a platform high above ground. In that situation, the target is considered "hanging on for dear life", which makes him/her susceptible to Never Gonna Let You Down. Using this ability requires a great deal of strategy, which is something Taillow lacks due to his young, under-developed mind. He only knows how to use it to make heavy things fall on your head.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reverse Snow White

Hm...I'm gonna have to revise my technique on coloring dark skin...:
Pokemon: Jynx
Ability: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is an ability that allows the user to produce pineal gland stimulants from the lips. When pineal glands are stimulated, they produce hormone called melatonin that facilitates sleep...I guess it'd be easier to say that Lady Gaga can make people sleep through kissing. However, there is a condition: In order for the stimulants in the kiss to take effect, they must enter the target's bloodstream. Jynx usually achieves this by simply kissing the target on the lips (and she has no qualms about kissing ladies either...). Another method used only under dire circumstances is inflicting a wound and passing the sleep chemicals into it. Jynx does this by first forming a "heart bubble" by "blowing a kiss" (a thin film of saliva apparently keeps the bubble intact) and then shooting the target with a bullet that passes through the heart bubble. She doesn't do this often since it's a bit violent, not really her thing. She still does the lip-to-lip thing a lot though, usually so she can get away with expensive pieces of art...

Monday, April 19, 2010

CDs and Rainbows...I Can't Think of a Title Here

Today, I'll be posting two images at once. Why?
...I dunno...let's say I'm going to celebrate my blog lasting for one week...
First up is the legendary disc jockey:
Pokemon: Lugia
Ability: Discworld
Discworld is an interesting ability, allowing the user to transform abstract components such as intelligence and emotion into compact discs. These compact discs are expelled from the subject like a disc coming out of a CD player. The discs are completely indestructible and can only contain one component at a time. These discs can also be inserted into other subjects, but the subject must be of the same species as the original owner of the disc. Lugia usually tries to extract key components out of his targets. But if he can't reach them, he'll extract something unimportant from himself (like fear) and use the disc's indestructibility as a weapon/shield. I'll admit, this guy's ability was actually inspired by another character from a manga called "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". Enrico Pucci's ability, White Snake, is also able to expel discs from a person, but he can only create two discs: One contains the soul and the other contains the ability. Hopefully, Discworld is different enough to not warrant any legal action.

Next is the rainbow-coloured bird:
Pokemon: Ho-oh
Ability: Phoenix Light
Phoenix Light is another unique ability that allows the user to produce rainbows. But these rainbows are no ordinary rainbows...each rainbow may be fitted with one characteristic, decided by the user. The picture showcases an example: Ho-oh creates a rainbow that can propel things to allow him flight, then uses a rainbow that can slice things to slice up a nuclear missile (and a helicopter). In contrast to Lugia, Ho-oh is a bit more trigger-happy with his ability as he experiments with the different effects he can think of. Both he and Lugia tend to overdo things, but for entirely different reasons. While Lugia sometimes expels loads of CDs from a target just to look cool, Ho-oh sometimes destroys things unnecessarily for fun. Put simply, one's a jerk and the other's an a-hole.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't You Hate It When Nobody Wants to Listen to Your Music?

Now this is powerful music:
Pokemon: Chatot
Ability: Sound Of Music
Sound Of Music is an ability that converts sound waves into a destructive force. When the sound waves enter a physical object, Sound Of Music is capable of transforming them into destructive energy, destroying whatever it was inside. Any sort of sound can produce this effect, but the power comes from the decibel aka the loudness of the sound. Though seemingly perfect, this ability has one drawback: It doesn't affect living cells. This means the worst it could do to a human would be pushing him away. Chatot usually uses a flute to generate sound since its a lot easier than shouting (and sounds better). A bit of a lazy person...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ever Wished Your Fridge Could Talk?

Some of you might not have heard of this Pokemon:
Pokemon: Rotom
Ability: Live Your Life
Live Your Life is an ability that allows the user to give life to inanimate objects. However, there is no guarantee that the objects will be completely loyal to the user. Together with life, the object is provided with personality, emotion and even senses, allowing them to stand out as distinct characters themselves. They are also given the ability to levitate freely for movement and also some sort of special power related to the object itself. For example, a refrigerator affected by Live Your Life will be able to shoot freeze beams from its insides. Rotom is aware of the consequences of misusing her power, and so, only gave life to a few objects. These objects include a shy refrigerator, a hardworking washing machine, a hot-headed microwave oven, a cheery table fan, and a crazy lawnmower.

Friday, April 16, 2010

An Artistic Drawer

For an artist, this guy's got very little fashion sense:
Pokemon: Smeargle
Ability: Monster's Ink
Monster's Ink is an ability that allows the user to materialize anything that has been drawn. The material used to draw and the surface on which the drawing is drawn are not important factors to activate Monster's Ink (although Smeargle uses a sketch book and pen-brush for convenience) , the only requirement being that the drawing has to be drawn by the user him/herself. Being the avid artist that he is, Smeargle has potentially discovered every trick you can perform with Monster's Ink and is clear on its limitations. He's also the type to choose awesomeness over practicality, so he'll usually be drawing giant steamrollers instead of silenced sniper rifles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

As if Ninjas Alone Weren't Fast Enough...

It's ninja time...huh...looks like my speed lines are a bit too light...:
Pokemon: Ninjask
Ability: Quicksilver
Quicksilver is a standard super-speed ability. All it does is make the user faster. To be more precise, Quicksilver increases the rate of movement for any action performed by the user. This means besides running super-fast, the user is also able to think super-fast, jump super-fast, eat super-fast, pee super-fast and all that stuff. Despite all the potential in having super speed, Ninjask isn't sure what to do with his power. So for now, he just uses it to perform dine-and-dash routines. He's also a bit of a Japanese enthusiast so he sort of rages if the restaurant he's in doesn't serve sushi.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death by Rainbow? There's Someone Else Who Can Do That

If anyone was wondering what Butterfree would look like as a girl, this is your answer:
Pokemon: Beautifly
Ability: Butterfly
Butterfly allows the user to condense visible light into the shape of butterflies. When the butterflies make contact with an enemy, or when the user commands, they will release all their condensed energy in a burning explosion. Though the size of each butterfly is small, they can make up for it by swarming. The color of the light butterfly depends on the type of light condensed into it. The different butterfly colors don't seem to have any specific property other than looking pretty, but Beautifly likes it and commonly makes use of this quality to produce magnificently elaborate and systematic butterfly swarms. Trying to dodge all the butterflies will prove to be very troubling...especially when you remember she can detonate all her butterflies whenever she feels like it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diversity: Have a Fag Today

Today's picture showcases a pretty boy:
Pokemon: Butterfree
Ability: Golden Wind
Golden Wind allows the user to separate into minuscule, controllable grains of pollen. These pollen grains can be manipulated to form a razor sharp blade or spear, or they can be used defensively to form a dense wall of pollen. Pollen is also capable of causing anaphylactic shock (allergic reactions) in certain individuals. It's not very pleasant. The ability is considerably straight-forward, and it provides an additional ability of dispersing the user's own body to evade attacks. Butterfree is very fashionable, however, and doesn't like having part of his body disappearing and transforming into pollen (at least, he doesn't like to let people see it disappearing...), so he wears long-sleeved shirts and jeans. He only separates the body parts being covered up by the fabric (his clothes) so that he still appears whole on the outside. A little narcissistic maybe...
...those antennae? They're actually strands of his hair. Don't ask me how he makes them stand like that...he probably has super hair gel or something...

Monday, April 12, 2010

She Lays Eggs a Lot

I'm not really trying to make a blog or anything really...I just want a place to post some of my drawings. More specifically, my gijinka drawings, which are people drawn in the likeness of Pokemon. Unlike most other gijinka projects on the web, my project consists of not only drawing people to look similar to Pokemon, but also providing them with special abilities. So don't expect me to talk about my life's too troublesome.
I'll start off with:
Pokemon: Chansey
Ability: Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys is an ability that allows the user to hatch all sorts of creatures from special eggs (like the one in Chansey's pocket). After one creature has hatched, the user must wait for 5 minutes before he/she can hatch another. Most of the time, Chansey hatches cute little creatures that do nothing in particular. Sometimes, she'll hatch cute creatures that have a certain function, such as sweeping the floor or cooking meat. Chansey has a pretty good temper and is usually seen smiling. But if you get on her nerves (usually by trying to eat her egg), she turns into a horrible, insane person who hatches horrible, insane creatures that are designed to kill in horrible, insane ways. Some sort of split personality perhaps?