Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Is My Way of Saying Merry Christmas

Don't assume I've forgotten about this place just cause I haven't update it in weeks:
Pokemon: Delibird
Ability: Birthday Massacre
Birthday Massacre is an ability that allows the user to produce an infinite amount of boxes of any shape and size. Each box will contain something that is completely random as long as it fits in the box. The boxes need not contain solid objects; They can produce flames, lightning, radiowaves, even a mini cyclone if they feel like it. The objects produced don't even have to be real; Things like pixies, magic wands, a statue that treads in the fourth dimension, fictional and impossible items can all be contained within the boxes. The main drawback of this ability is that it's completely random and the user has no control over what he/she will receive. Delibird is a flexible all-weapons user and makes the best out of whatever he's given from the boxes. He also tends to give some of his boxes to his friends as presents. For fun, of course.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Unova? What Kind of a Name is That?

So this is what my drawings have been reduced to after a week in Australia...I'm not too satisfied with the sketchiness. Ah well, a bit of practice should at least return me to my original level:
Pokemon: Snivy
Ability: Green Sleeves
Green Sleeves is an ability that allows the user to reduce a person's limbs into leaves. A maximum of two limbs can be degenerated on any one person and the targets feel no pain from the process. The target pretty much "loses" his/her limbs and the effect can only be reversed by will (or loss of consciousness) of the user. Snivy (I kinda like that name) is a rich, spoilt little girl with a rarely-shown caring side. She uses Green Sleeves whenever she gets annoyed but will usually reverse the effects after a short while.