Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Spending Most Our Lives Living in An Amish Paradise~

You weren't expecting me to draw more than two of the same person in one panel were you? Well, I'm in lazy mode now...Furthermore, I've finally reached the point where I am unable to continue updating this blog daily. Starting from today, I will post once every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in this blog:
Pokemon: Honchkrow
Ability: Gangster's Paradise
Gangster's Paradise is an ability that allows the user to manifest perfect clones of himself. These clones are partially sentient, being capable of free thought and movement as well as sharing the user's personality, but also falling under the absolute command of the original whenever he wishes for it. The clones are completely solid and any damage done to them is not relayed back to the original body. The maximum amount of clones that can be created is a measly ten, but that should already be enough for most situations. Honchkrow is one of the more heartless characters, having no concern at all for the clones he creates, frequently using them as his own tools or slaves. The sad part is his clones can't do anything against it because Honchkrow can just will them to do whatever he wants, or delete them if he feels threatened enough.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Have Startled The WitOHMAIGAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!

The rain is supposed to have this lightly colored glow around it but my scanner decided to be a jerk:
Pokemon: Lumineon
Ability: Left For Dead
Left For Dead is an ability that allows the user to make water glow. Yes, I actually thought up this power and liked it simply for its aesthetic appeal, but it has a dark, physical chemistry-related secret. When the user makes water glow, he/she is actually producing radioactive chemicals within the water (Usually, it's radium and its isotopes). Radium is highly radioactive and causes cells to die or continue growing to the point that they harm other cells. Radium can also degenerate into radon gas which, when inhaled or ingested, replaces calcium in the bones, causing a condition known as aplastic anemia (Lack of blood caused by lack of bone marrow). It is also capable of causing cancer! Lumineon knows the dangers of this ability (She sees Marie Curie as an idol), and always handles it with care (Canceling out her power if the water gets too close to her body).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Million Fireflies Charging at You and Shooting Beams!

Today, we have Hoenn's firefly duo. While I was designing them, Fantasia 2000's Rhapsody in Blue popped up in my mind. It was awesome...Disney should go back to making stuff like that. I'm not all that interested in Miley Cyrus or Demi Levato or Miranda Cos-Oh wait, that last one isn't Disney:
Pokemon: Volbeat
Ability: Lighthouse Family
Lighthouse Family is an ability that allows the user to generate a beam of heat energy between two insects. The insects themselves aren't harmed, being shrouded in an aura that produces the heat laser and remaining comfortably warm inside. The heat beam is always straight, and can burn through most materials with ease. The maximum length of the laser is about 3m; Any longer and the beam cuts itself off. At any one time, any number of beams can be generated, and one insect can produce more than one beam as long as the receiving insect is different. However, the user must be very careful because he/she is not immune to the heat beam. Volbeat tends to use this ability in conjunction with his girlfriend's ability:
Pokemon: Illumise
Ability: The Beetles
The Beetles is an ability that allows the user to generate a swarm of insects that all fly to a common point. The insects are completely invincible and cannot be destroyed by any means. Depending on the species of insect generated, this power could be deadly; Small insects tend to fly at high velocities, and with invincibility, will likely pierce right through many materials. Luckily, the human body is rigid enough to withstand this force, but the insects will merely be knocked away, while the human being hit will receive multiple painful bruises as the bugs keep coming. The insects are always generated 5m away from the chosen point, but their flight path is not predetermined. Therefore, it is hard to predict where one should dodge when encountered with erratic fliers like flies. Again, the user is not immune to the force of the invincible bugs and must be careful. Any insect that has reached the converging point will disappear after 2 seconds to prevent the mass of creep-crawlies from getting too big. Illumise tends to use this ability in conjunction with her boyfriend's Lighthouse Family ability. Cute couple, huh?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. Octagonapus BLAAARGGH!!

It's getting harder and harder to update daily:
Pokemon: Aggron
Ability: Crush Forty
Crush Forty is an extraordinary ability. It allows the user to turn parts of himself into machinery, becoming half-human, half-cyborg (Which actually makes him 3/4 human since cyborgs are already half-human). The kind of machinery the user can produce is completely dependent on the user's imagination and knowledge of mechanics and electronics. This means that a sufficiently creative user may have limitless options on how to use Crush Forty. Aggron is one of those tech-savvy people, having broad knowledge on all things mechanical. This allows him to use Crush Forty to its fullest potential. He rarely ever produces projectile weapons like guns because the bullets would have to come from somewhere, and he can't produce them. His long-range weapons usually come in the form of laser guns or energy beams.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified

For all you guys out there who prefer healthy-looking girls to anorexic ones:
Pokemon: Blissey
Ability: I Will Survive
I Will Survive is an ability that provides the user with rapid regenerative abilities. Any injury or damage towards the user's body will be healed within seconds (But the initial attack will still hurt) and lost body parts can be fully regenerated in a few minutes. If the user succumbs to disease, he/she will continue to regenerate any cells infected and destroyed by the virus/bacteria but cannot destroy the virus/bacteria. If a projectile such as a bullet embeds itself in a wound, the wound will patch up but the foreign object will remain, causing discomfort and sometimes great pain. Blissey simply has I Will Survive activated passively. She tends to use her own body as a human shield to protect other people because she knows she'll usually come out unharmed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Gonna Headbutt Ya! I'm Gonna Headbutt Ya! I'm Gonna Headbutt Ya!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:
Pokemon: Cranidos
Ability: Diamond Is Unbreakable
Diamond Is Unbreakable is an ability that gives the user a skull made completely out of pure diamond. As one would expect, this means the user's headbutting power is increased dramatically. However, the added weight also causes the user to be a bit imbalanced (Not to be confused with being imba) and will tire the user out relatively quickly if he/she is not in the best of health. Compared with bone, diamond is a substantial bit tougher (I've done my research...I know the difference between toughness and hardness). Despite the lowered risk of fracturing the skull, the skin and flesh portion of the head is still vulnerable to damage. A sufficiently powerful blunt force may also fracture the diamond skull. Cranidos likes to smash his head into things, but due to the damage he'd do to most objects, he is limited to smashing only his belongings (Although he has discovered that he can headbutt diamond rings to see if they're real diamond). Note that Diamond Is Unbreakable does not prevent headaches.

Monday, June 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance?

Recognize the dances? One's an anime opening and the other's an Internet meme:
Pokemon: Bellossom
Ability: Dance Dance
Dance Dance is an ability that causes surrounding bystanders to dance in lieu with the user whenever he/she dances. Usually, the affected person perfectly mimics the user's dance movements, but the user can allow an affected person to dance differently to the same rhythm, like when doing a group dance or a waltz. The user can manually pick anyone to fall under the effects of Dance Dance, but can also automatically cause it to affect anyone within 10m. Bellossom uses Dance Dance a lot, especially out in the street, where she tends to get an urge to dancee and wants everyone to join in (Whether they want to or not). She also uses it to incapacitate suspicious-looking people who try to stalk her (She's not as young as she looks).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tale As Old As Time, Song As Old As Rhyme

Beauty and the Beast~Anyway, this is the first completed evolution chain (Not counting stand-alone Pokemon) in my Gijinka Showcase Blog (My sketchbooks have a different first completed evolution chain). Sister to Milotic, with an ability that allows her to rival her sister in beauty:
Pokemon: Feebas
Ability: Celebrity Skin
Celebrity Skin is an ability that allows the user to alter the physical appearance of his/herself and other people. Amongst the characteristics that can be altered by Celebrity Skin are hair color, hair length, hair smoothness, eye color, facial proportions, body proportions, skin color, height, weight (Fatness, that is...), shape, size, and any other such features I might not have remembered. Celebrity Skin cannot alter disabilities (Which means a guy who is missing a leg will not be able to regrow that leg, and a guy with two legs cannot lose any of them), diseases, gender, clothing, and personality. Feebas tends to remain with her original appearance most of the time. She'll only use Celebrity Skin to make herself look attractive under certain circumstances (Usually, it's to throw off opponents. But there is this one time...). She isn't above uglifying you out of spite though...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Everynyan. How Are You? Fine Thank You

Oh My Gaaaaaaa~:
Pokemon: Arceus
Ability: God Knows
Get ready for a long explanation...God Knows is an ability that allows the user to form and create anything in the world that he/she knows exists. Sounds simple enough. The long explanation comes from the items that Arceus likes to create all the time, namely the Power Plates. The Power Plates are some sort of ancient, extraterrestrial, paranormal, supernatural collection of items that were discovered not too long ago by some guy. All of the plates are currently kept in a secret facility located in a secret place to be secretly experimented with by secret scientists. Arceus was able to get a hold of this information because he is a 1337 hacker. There are 16 discovered plates so far, each allowing the user to produce and control a specific element of nature (And sometimes not nature). The Flame, Splash, and Zap Plates govern the elements of fire, water, and electricity respectively. The Sky, Meadow, and Icicle Plates control air, plant life, and ice. The Earth Plate controls mud and soil whilst the Stone Plate controls solid minerals like stone, clay, and marble. The Iron Plate governs all metals. The Mind Plate controls light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, whereas the Dread Plate allows control over gravitational force and other such essential forces. The Draco Plate controls all vertebrates and the Insect Plate controls invertebrates. The Toxic Plate governs toxins, viruses, bacteria, and diseases. The Fist Plate controls man-made items, ranging from mechanical inventions to synthetic chemicals. The Spooky Plate allows control over spirits. There are quite a few kinds of spirits, amongst them are poltergeists who have the ability to interact with real world items, and the souls of beings that can inhabit minds and cause inner turmoil. With these Power Plates alone, Arceus already looks like he's the most powerful of all gijinkas (And indeed, I intended that), but there is one drawback. At any one time, Arceus can only use two Power Plates. Furthermore, anything he creates with God Knows will only last 5 minutes and will disappear after that (But this is a minor drawback since he can keep on creating things without limit). The world is lucky that Arceus is not malicious (Even though he is a bit prideful and enjoys publicity) and will usually use his powers for good rather than evil.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll Ask, Cos I'm Not Sure, Does Anybody Make Real

I don't know if it's clear to anyone else or not, but those sleeves are zippable:
Pokemon: Deoxys
Ability: Harder Better Faster Stronger
Harder Better Faster Stronger is an ability that allows the user to maximize any one particular physical ability at any one time. The above picture shows four forms, Defense Form (Maximum endurance), Attack Form (Maximum strength), Speed Form (Maximum speed), and Normal Form (Maximum balance in all abilities). Of course, Deoxys can maximize other traits as well (Such as perceptiveness, intelligence, loudness), but those four are the only forms that have specially designed clothes (And hair) for them (To allow maximum efficiency). Deoxys tends to keep his mask on all the time because he prefers if nobody knows who he is. It appears he wants to start a new life, leaving his previous identity behind so nobody will judge him. He stays in Normal Form when not doing anything special.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Everyone Wishes They Could Go Back in Time, Although Probably Not Like This

This is one of those times where using an eraser can be considered an art:
Pokemon: Celebi
Ability: Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger is an ability that allows the user to travel 5 seconds back into the past. However, this doesn't mean it rewinds everything that happened up to that point, rather, it causes the user to reappear in the same position he/she was in 5 seconds ago while the rest of the world continues in normal time. This is tremendously useful whenever the user receives damage because he/she can just rewind him/herself to 5 seconds ago when he/she was perfectly fine. There is a cooldown time though, approximately 30 seconds must pass before the user can use Chrono Trigger again. Celebi likes to play around with this ability, confusing and annoying whoever the hell he wants. He knows how to use it pretty effectively in battle too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*Splat* GAME OVER! Press 'R' to Try Again

I hate pink:
Pokemon: Mew
Ability: I Wanna Be The Guy
I Wanna Be The Guy is a complicated ability. Whenever the user gets hurt, I Wanna Be The Guy will supply the user with a superpower that will prevent the user from getting hurt the same way. The user is able to choose which power he/she wants as long as it can prevent the same form of attack from working again. If the user does not choose a power after getting hurt, I Wanna Be The Guy will automatically assign a power to him/her that fits the criteria. For example, when Mew is hit by a bamboo sword, he can choose to have rock-hard skin as an ability, making him completely invulnerable to blunt damage. If he doesn't choose anything, I Wanna Be The Guy might assign him rock-hard skin, or it might give him rubber skin.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare

Is it a plant or an animal? By the way, the next four gijinkas for the next four days will follow a certain pattern. What sort of pattern? You'll just have to see for yourself:
Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Ability: Lemon Demon
Lemon Demon is an ability that allows the user to transform plants into animals. Of course, both the plant and the animal must be multicellular, but the actual mass itself doesn't matter; A tiny leaf can be turned into a great rhinoceros, a tree trunk may be turned into a shrew. However, the bigger the difference in mass, the harder it is to maintain the transformation, which means the animal won't stay an animal for long. The only plant matter Lemon Demon can affect are natural plant matter that have not yet been altered by human equipment. This means that while Lemon Demon can transform a leaf plucked from a tree, it cannot affect paper made from that same tree. Additionally, the plants can only be transformed into real animals, no fantastic creatures. Bulbasaur usually only creates small animals to play around with, but if cornered, can create ferocious beasts to help protect him.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Wonder What Electricity Would Do to An Oil Spill

You wa SHOCK again:
Pokemon: Lanturn
Ability: Electric Love Machine
Electric Love Machine is an ability that allows the user to send electricity coursing through liquids. Water is a common medium, but the user can also send electricity through bodily fluids such as sweat, tears and blood. This means Electric Love Machine becomes more dangerous the longer you stay in a fight with it. Lanturn rarely uses this ability for direct combat. She usually uses it when she's caught bathing in an open body of water (And she never seems to learn from her experiences...for some reason). You could say she's a bit absent-minded, but she's also selectively perceptive on certain matters. Such as the little fish swimming around her.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Actually, they're more like giant cherries:
Pokemon: Yanma
Ability: Screaming Jets
Screaming Jets is an ability that allows the user to create vibrations in anything. Generally, Screaming Jets is used to vibrate an object so rapidly that it collapses under the sheer stress of the force. When used on humans, Screaming Jets can cause severe internal injury, or disorientation if minor. A more energy-consuming use would be to vibrate the particles of an object so much that it changes its state of matter (That is to say, it melts or evaporates), but it takes a whole lot out of the user. Yanma is still relatively inexperienced with Screaming Jets so he's constantly trying it out on different things to observe the effects of vibration.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Can't Handle The Truth!

Easiest. Gijinka. Ever:
Pokemon: Gardevoir
Ability: Makes Me Wonder Aloud
Makes Me Wonder Aloud is an ability that allows the user to read the minds of other people. To prevent the user's mind from overloading, Makes Me Wonder Aloud has a very simple way of limiting outside thoughts. The user can only read thoughts by asking questions, be it orally or mentally. The answer is then visible around the target's head, written in the language spoken by the questioner. These answers will remain visible for as long as the user wishes, but if the user takes too long to read an answer, he/she could be in danger. For each person questioned, only one answer may be visible at a time. If the answer is not within the target's conscious mind, it appears as "I don't know". Gardevoir pretty much abused her ability the moment she got it, causing her to lose trust towards all men. Except for one (Gallade).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank Goodness You're Here, Uncertain-About-His-Sexuality Man

Never has a series made me laugh that much in ages...except maybe Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series:
Pokemon: Ditto
Ability: Whose Line Is It Anyway
Whose Line Is It Anyway is an ability that allows the user to copy the ability of anyone within 5m of him/her. Oddly, it also allows the user to copy any weapons the target might have, especially if the ability copied requires it (Bee Gee). If the target uses a specific fighting style, such as karate or wrestling, Whose Line Is It Anyway will be able to copy that as well. Basically, all combat abilities and equipment of the target will be copied into the user as long as the target is within 5m of the user. Ditto uses his ability to identify any other ability users. It allows him to know beforehand what abilities his opponents have as well as the way they fight. The only drawback is that even if he knows how to use an ability, he might not be able to use at as well as the original user does because he lacks practice.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is He Saying Gotta Kit Kat?

Really big coloring mistake there...His pants are supposed to be red, but I accidentally colored them yellow. So now it looks like red covering yellow. Pretend it's just red:
Pokemon: Drifblim
Ability: Boomboom Pow
Boomboom Pow is an ability that allows the user to inflate specific parts of his/her body. It fills in the gaps in the target area with helium gas, while at the same time keeping the skin intact by increasing its tensile strength. This means that whenever a person activates Boomboom Pow, the skin of the affected area becomes effectively impenetrable and indestructible. Inflating the hands for use in combat doesn't do much, since the increased surface area will increase the affects of air resistance, making punches slower and thus less powerful (The mass obtained from helium is not enough to make it super powerful). However, it can be used defensively, and strategically as well, since a larger surface area means it's harder to miss your target. Drifblim doesn't get into a lot of fights, but he does get into a lot of flights, by inflating his head to resemble a hot-air balloon. He regularly freaks people out when he does this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz

Today's post will be special for no apparent reason. Today, I'm going to post three gijinkas at once. Who will I be posting, you ask? You should have seen the picture by now:
Pokemon: Groudon
Ability: Seven Days In The Sun
The first of the ability trio is Seven Days In The Sun, an ability that causes constant drought around the user. The drought affects a circular area of 5m from the user and expanding infinitely in both vertical directions. Any moisture within this area is instantly dried up, and anything solid will also be instantly dried up from the sheer heat. The weather conditions are similar to that of a hot desert, except hotter. Awkwardly, this ability can be used at night, and also causes things to dry up around the user, but sunlight will be absent. Groudon can turn this ability on and off willingly, of course, since he also requires water to live. He lives a very strict lifestyle and always follows the rules he set on himself.

Up next is Groudon's greatest enemy:
Pokemon: Kyogre
Ability: Endless Rain
Endless Rain is an ability that causes endless rain (Did you guess right?) to fall around the user. It also has a span of 5m from the user and extends vertically both ways as well. The area within this cylinder tends to be flooded rapidly whenever this ability is in effect, drowning anything that is small and can't breathe underwater. Kyogre can also turn off her ability at will, but she tends to keep it on because she likes being wet (Sort of like taking an eternal shower). She is adept at swimming and can hold her breath longer than most people, and is also playful to a fault. She never goes by any rules, even if she set them herself, regularly breaking the rules just so she can have fun her own way.

Both of the above abilities can still be used indoors, but the effects will only occur outside, since the drought/storm comes from the sky. This next person however, can use his ability anywhere at anytime:
Pokemon: Rayquaza
Ability: No More Heroes
No More Heroes is an ability that completely nullifies any and all abilities. The abilityless sphere expands around the user with a 5m radius. Close-ranged ability users (Discworld, Brokeback Mountain) will be unable to use their abilities near the user. Projectile producers (Butterfly, King Missile) will have their projectile disappear the moment it enters the sphere. Users of psychic abilities (Twilight, Dream Theater) such as telekinesis will not be able to affect the user. Normal objects or beings imbued with an ability (Disturbia, Lead Zeppelin) will return to their original normalness if they enter the sphere. Users who undergo a transformation when they use their power (Cranberries, Luck Star) will return to their original form if they enter the sphere. Transportative abilities (Shadowgate) will cause the user to appear at the edge of the sphere if they attempt to teleport into the sphere. Rayquaza can turn this ability off if he wants, but he keeps it on all the time, even in his sleep. It's the source of his smugness.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

By The Power of Gray Skin!

I may be primarily Physics-minded but I know Biology too:
Pokemon: Medicham
Ability: Numb
Numb is an ability that allows the user to cause muscle fatigue by forcing production of lactic acid in a person. However, in order to use this ability, the user must touch the target area that he/she wants affected. In hindsight, this ability is actually kind of lame and boring, but it has potential to defeat almost any opponent simply by fatiguing them. Additionally, allowing the user to touch your chest is generally not advised (It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy), because it gives him/her the opportunity to fatigue your lungs (Diaphragm, actually) and heart. Medicham used to be an amazing athlete but was banned from the Olympics (And most other sports events) after acquiring Numb. He still competes in friendly matches, though his tendency to use Numb pisses off the contenders.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cookies to Whoever Regconizes The Music He's Playing

The hardest part about drawing this picture is probably trying to draw the music score in reverse. By the way, he's not playing "Don't Stop The Music":
Pokemon: Kricketune
Ability: Don't Stop The Music
Don't Stop The Music is an ability that allows the user to materialize musical notes and scores. The entire score is usually materialized, inclusive of the clef symbols, Italian/French/Other languagish terms, bar and other symbols, anything that you can find written on sheet music. The scores will always emerge from the source of music (It could be a musical instrument, an entire orchestra, a radio, or even a person's voice), and have the properties of metal (Being sharp enough to cut through most objects, and tough enough to bash straight through others). If the music is stopped, the score completely disappears (Unless the user remembers to put the appropriate rest symbol...But even that will only last one semibreve if both or more clefs don't continue playing). Kricketune is mature enough not to use this ability when playing in front of an audience. Instead, when he really wants to see solidified scores, he'll rent an abandoned building or move into an uninhabited area such as a forest. He also knows how to generate music using two violin bows...I don't know how...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You wa SHOCK!!

It's about time I post this little critter. It is the mascot of Pokemon after all:
Pokemon: Pikachu
Ability: Danger High Voltage
Danger High Voltage is an ability that allows the user to unleash jolts of electricity from his/her body. However, that's all that this ability can do, it only shoots electricity. There isn't much else I need to say is there? Pikachu has learned how to use Danger High Voltage to devastating effect, but has trouble dishing out small doses of electricity. This results in her doing things like accidentally destroying a television when trying to recharge the remote's batteries.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can't Let You Do That, Star Fox

You see that little dog on the bench? That's my dog (If you take away the glasses and hat):
Pokemon: Ninetales
Ability: Bloodhound Gang
Bloodhound Gang is an ability that allows the user to communicate with and manipulate canines. At first glance, this seems similar to Disturbia's mind control ability, except specifically for canines, but the other main difference is that Disturbia creates clearly visible red lines linking the user and the target's minds together. Bloodhound Gang produces no such signs of being activated, so you never know if your dog is gonna be mind controlled into biting off your pants. All types of canines can be controlled, ranging from the tiny chihuahua to the gigantic St. Bernard, and even feral dingoes. Ninetales keeps three dogs with her at all times (A bloodhound, a collie, and a poodle. Only the bloodhound is shown here) which act as her bodyguards. She has trained them to do unusually human things...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream...

That's a lot of green for a sand person:
Pokemon: Flygon
Ability: Sandman
Sandman is an ability that allows the user to control sand. Offensively, the user may use the gritty nature of rough sand to grate opponents, or use the high pressure of compressed sand to immobilize targets. The user may also generate sandstorms, or if he/she is somewhere with deep sand, create a sand pit to trap opponents. The utility of Sandman is diverse, and Flygon knows how to use it. Mostly serious, she takes responsibility for her powers, only using them when the need arises, and always in the most efficient way possible.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dance, Water, Dance!

I think we only have two more Eeveelutions left, yes? The three basic Eeveelutions are all done now:
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Ability: Dire Straits
Dire Straits is an ability that allows the user to turn into water. It does not allow the user to control water however. Just like most of the other non-list abilities, Dire Straits strictly allows the use of only one ability - Turning into water. If the user loses any of the water while in water form, it will translate into a missing part of the original body (Vaporeon has enough control over Dire Straits to make it so that it's usually her hair or clothes. Specifically, her jacket. She doesn't enjoy having her shirt any skimpier or having her skirt any shorter). Vaporeon tends to activate Dire Straits automatically when she feels threatened (Which is almost all the time).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No, Gay Baseball Player, You Do Not Go Around Touching Random Men's Butts

Somebody needs to teach him a lesson:
Pokemon: Sandslash
Ability: Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails is an ability that allows the user to manipulate and alter anything that contains keratin. Keratin is a protein most commonly found in nails and hair, so it's predictable that Sandslash will use his nails and hair to attack and defend. Keratin can also be found in hooves, claws, feathers and so on, but altering them won't really do much for the user. The properties that can be manipulated by Nine Inch Nails are stiffness, rigidity, length, and weight of the objects being affected. This means the user can't make his/her hair move about wildly and grapple branches or anything like that. Sandslash usually applies Nine Inch Nails to his fingernails, making them longer and stiffer for offensive potential. He keeps his toenails exposed in case he needs to use them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh, Just Because My Ability is Called Brokeback Mountain, You Automatically Assume I'm Gay?

Some days, it's just not fun to be gay:
Pokemon: Drapion
Ability: Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain is an ability that allows the user to contort his/her body in ridiculous ways. Elbows and knees will be able to bend the other way and also rotate; Head and torso will be able to turn a full 360 degrees (Although 180 degrees should be enough in most situations); The entire body can contort to fit into a box the size of a kindergartner's schoolbag. Drapion thinks Brokeback Mountain's a pretty cool ability, but he hasn't found any specific use for it yet. Occasionally, he uses it to freak people out so they won't bother (Or molest) him.