Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fight Fire with Water

I'm late! And these pictures are rushed! I haven't had much time to darken most of the lines, but still, I prioritize a consistent schedule over consistent output...Hm...When I type it out like that it doesn't sound like a very good idea:
Pokemon: Floatzel
Ability: Flood
Flood is an ability that allows the user to kick bodies of water with great force and velocity. In essence, when the user's feet are in contact with water, the user may create an explosion (In the momentous sense of the word) where the water is shot in one direction with extreme force and the user in the opposite direction with equal momentum. This allows the user to do things like kick water in a person's face with enough force to seriously injure that person, or rapidly kicking the surface of a lake to run across it, or even changing his
direction of falling in midflight by kicking a bunch of raindrops. It's fairly versatile if you know how to use it.

On the less wet side, we have this guy:
Pokemon: Infernape
Ability: Hot Blooded
Hot Blooded is an ability that allows the user to turn his hair into flames. The scalp is automatically protected from any burns that would have been received from the hair fire. The intensity of the flames are within the user's control, and the fuel is...not particularly important. The flame is perpetually burning and requires only the consciousness of the user. I believe this would be as good a time as any to explain that any change in mass or energy due to an ability is made possible by pulling the matter/energy from another dimension.

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