Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Wouldn't Dance With Another...WOO~

Before we continue, I must take this time to confess that I have once again lost my time to outside activities. Outside activities being public academic examinations in this case. As such, I will not be capable of creating new posts for the next few weeks.
That is, until the end of December.
But fret not, for after that month of Christmas yule, I will be as free as an octopus in the sea, so expect consistent output starting from that point onwards.
Without further ado, I present the final gijinka for the year:
Pokemon: Noctowl
Ability: I Saw Her Standing There
I Saw Her Standing There is one of those classic abilities that somebody's gonna have to have in every superpower series ever. In essence, it grants X-ray vision, but there are a few limitations. I Saw Her Standing There cannot penetrate more than one layer at a time. What constitutes a layer is debatable but from Noctowl's personal experience, she can't see through material thicker than half a metre. However, that depth limit only applies should there be only one layer. If there are multiple layers of something within half a metre, then I Saw Her Standing There will only be able to see through the outermost layer and nothing deeper than that. So yes, you can see through other people's clothes with this ability. That's how Noctowl usually uses it anyway.

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