Sunday, October 23, 2011

High! Voltage! Rock n' Roll!

Today's pair of gijinkas are a rocking pair of electric boys. Their favourite genre of music is hard rock, and they love playing air guitar. Let's start off with the electric canine:
Pokemon: Manectric
Ability: Crowded House
Crowded House is an ability that allows the user to...summon a large stage from beneath the ground. Yup. His ability simply lets him summon a stage from underground. Despite how inconvenient and inflexible this ability seems, the collateral damage caused by "being upstaged" can be massive. Especially, when the number of stages that can be summoned is infinite.

Next up, the electric feline:
Pokemon: Luxray
Ability: Electric Six
Electric Six is an ability that allows the user to generate electricity using sound. When Electric Six is in effect, energy from a produced sound can be used to build up charges at a singular point anywhere within the range of the soundwave. As the charge builds up, a potential difference is created between the chosen point and the source of the sound (which gets progressively more positive as the soundwave travels further), allowing lightning to shoot from one point to the other. Admittedly, this ability was rather simple when I first thought up this gijinka (turns sound into electricity), but now that I have a better understanding of electricity, I've made adjustments accordingly.


  1. I never knew Luxray was based off cats? XD

    Also, idk what happened, but when I clicked on Manectric's image, Luxray's image pops out.

  2. ...that is rather odd. I'll see if i can fix that.
    And Luxray is based off a least that's what it looks like to me.