Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back, New and Improved!

Still trying to clear out my first sketchbook, but updating the style with which I draw these things, I have returned from my momentary hiatus with 2 new gijinkas, ready to be posted.
You will notice that there are now weird-looking robot things that closely (maybe) resemble the Pokemon themselves. These are the mechanisms behind each gijinka's ability. Every time the gijinka uses his/her ability, this robot thing manifests itself (corporeally, so normal people should not be able to see them), and supplies the effect generated by the ability. If you've read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure before (Parts 3 and onward), you will realize that these are basically Stands.
You are correct, these are basically Stands.
It's unlikely that I will go back and update all of my earlier gijinkas with this new style, since I'm predicting another change in style maybe a few months later, but that's alright. The important part (for me anyway) is to showcase the designs of the gijinkas and the various abilities that they possess, no matter how I do it.
Without further ado, here are the gijinkas:
Pokemon: Dragonite
Ability: Animal Collective
Animal Collective is an ability that allows the user to transform any part of his/her body into a corresponding body part of any animal. The body part is resized to scale with the user's body, so the animal part (for example, an ant's jaw), will be the size of a human's. One body part may only transform into one animal part at a time, and cannot transform into a combination of numerous animal body parts. However, separate body parts can transform into animal parts from separate animals.

Up next, a guy who spins:
Pokemon: Hitmontop
Ability: Street Fighter
Street Fighter is an ability that allows the user to rotate at blinding speeds. Quite simply, the most straightforward way to use this ability is to spin rapidly and have a limb (perhaps a fist) gain enough momentum to produce bone-crushing injuries. Despite this, the biggest drawback of this ability is how you can't actually see straight ahead since 'straight ahead' keeps changing for you. Hitmontop has managed to overcome this by synching his rotation with his rate of processing visual stimulus, allowing him to see in one direction at a time and subsequently, being able to better control his spinning. He can also spin upside down if he so chooses, but who on Earth would want to do that?


  1. You're back! Hooray! :P

    I don't quite understand how the stand works though. And btw, corporeal means tangible. You mean incorporeal?

  2. Huh, I guess I meant to say ethereal. But considering how Stands work, corporeal may not be technically wrong either.

    A Stand is a corporeal (I used it accurately this time) manifestation of a person's spirit, but it is only tangible to other people who possess Stands. Think of them as spirits that appear whenever someone uses their ability.
    And they can only be seen and touched by other people who have abilities.
    Normal people will only be able to see the effects of the Stand abilities, or Stands that affix themselves onto physical objects.
    Any damage done towards the Stand is transferred to the owner.
    I'm not sure what other questions you might have so do ask whatever you don't understand.

  3. Hmm... So, in a way, a Stand is similar to a zanpakto's spirit?

  4. a little. Stands are selectively physical, whilst zanpakuto spirits are completely ethereal and only exist within the sword and the mind of the wielder. (Except for that filler arc but whatever)