Monday, April 25, 2011

I Haven't Posted for Weeks!

And to make up for it, I'm gonna post 2 gijinkas today...Yea, you know what? That doesn't sound very satisfying at all, deal with it. School is trying to bombard me with busy so I won't be able to update as often as I used to:
Pokemon: Arcanine
Ability: We Started The Fire
We Started The Fire is an ability that allows the user to ignite objects by generating music. Basically, if the user produces sounds of a certain frequency and possess a form of rhythm to them, he/she can turn it into heat energy and burn things through fire. Singing is sufficient to activate this ability but using a musical instrument is always a good idea because any sound they produce is music by default. Arcanine is a very sophisticated and civilized man who plays a small handheld harp. He is also bipolar and will randomly go nuts, burning anything green in color. Avoid him if you're wearing green.
Pokemon: Altaria
Ability: Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine is an ability that allows the user to turn inanimate objects and non-living things into clouds. This includes natural materials like stone, water, and dead trees. The type of cloud produced is also under the user's control. Cirrus and stratus clouds are simple and effective for hiding, but cumulonimbus or storm clouds are useful when it comes to combat. Altaria loves playing around in fog, but is also mindful not to use her ability on things that seem important or irreplaceable. Unfortunately, this does not include your clothes.

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